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America the World's Leading civilian killing Terrorist Nation signs terrorist pact with Oz
by bluey Friday, May 4 2012, 2:13am
international / social/political / other press

The world's leading civilian killing, therefore terrorist nation, America, which has been continuously engaged in criminal warfare since the illegal intervention in the Balkans, has signed yet another counter-terrorism pact with the slavish Federal Labor government of Australia -- the irony of that signing may be lost on moron Americans but not so on educated Aussies.

Attorney General, Nicola Roxon
Attorney General, Nicola Roxon

The USA is the world's leading terrorist nation by a country mile -- over 6 million dead civilians to its 'credit' since Vietnam -- yet it hides behind pacts and outrageous NEW 'laws' and makes deals with client states to obfuscate its true status as the world's leading criminal TERRORIST nation.

The following piece from The Melbourne Age stresses the importance (to the Americans) of keeping alive the orchestrated 'terrorist threat' they created in order to veil their own criminal, invading and occupying enterprises -- a blind Aussie can see!

Without an external "terrorist threat" America is unable to justify its criminal interventions and continuing war crimes.

The latest signing serves not to highlight the created external 'terrorist threat' but the massive CORRUPTION of local and international legal systems and the shameful SUBSERVIENCE to corrupt Washington of client states such as Australia -- which, I would add, allowed itself to become a PRIMARY NUCLEAR TARGET in order for America to threaten China from Oz soil! Make sense does it? Only if you're a treasonous, servile, Canberra politician or a dumb doodle dunce!

Aussie readers should note the Oz Attorney General's mention that shared (Aussie) personal information "would be covered by privacy protections under Australian law." How is that possible if that information has already been supplied to the criminal US, which is NOT bound by any Oz law, you stupid Jew bitch, Roxon; notwithstanding the FACT that you would have already supplied personal and PRIVATE information on REQUEST? Fair fuckin' dinkum! You want MORE proof Federal Labor works AGAINST the best interests of the nation. Oz, thanks to Juliar Gillard, is now a FIVE military bases, US colony!

Report follows:

Aust, US sign new terror deal
by Paul Osborne

A new counter-terrorism agreement signed between the US and Australia shows that the threat of extremism at home and abroad remains real and more global cooperation is needed, senior government figures say.

The US Secretary for Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, the Australian Attorney-General, Nicola Roxon, and Justice Minister Jason Clare signed joint statements in Canberra on Friday on transnational crime and counter-terrorism.

The agreements came as papers seized from the Pakistan compound of Osama bin Laden were publicly released, documenting the late terrorist leader's ambition for further attacks on the "malignant tree" of the US and its allies.

Ms Napolitano said the papers spoke for themselves.

"I think we all recognise that Osama bin Laden's death was a significant event and a significant degradement in al-Qaeda's capabilities, but certainly not the end of those capabilities nor the end of terrorism writ large," she told reporters in Canberra.

"As we look forward we realise that we are living in a world of a continuing terrorist threat."

Ms Roxon said the risk of home-grown terrorism was "real" and counter-terrorism authorities had been able to foil Australian-based plots.

"It's something that is a small risk, but has deadly consequences," she said.

Under the statement on countering transnational crime, terrorism and violent extremism, the two countries will be able to share law enforcement data and expand the current information sharing on extremists and radical groups.

Ms Roxon said criminal and terrorist groups were increasingly using the internet, which made it all the more important to cooperate globally.

Ms Napolitano said the statements on collaborative targeting and supply-chain security would be important in fighting the global drug trade.

Mr Clare said 96 per cent of detections of drugs at Australia's border were as a result of shared intelligence, and law enforcement agencies had advised the government that "the more intelligence law enforcement has, the more illegal goods they can seize and the more criminals they can arrest".

The two countries would now be better able to target and risk-assess cargo and passengers as a result of the joint statements, he said.

Australia and the US have also agreed to look at ways to make travel between the two countries easier using electronic passport checks.

This would cut down customs waiting times in both countries.

The attorney-general said Australians' personal information shared with US authorities would be covered by privacy protections under Australian law.

© 2012 AAP

Criminal USA/NATO works with puppet KLA criminal allies in Kosovo to train Syrian rebels! Where are cowardly RUSSIA and CHINA to keep the (LEGAL) peace?

Bimbos, Roxon and Gillard, serving foreign criminal interests
Bimbos, Roxon and Gillard, serving foreign criminal interests


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Syrian "Opposition" Studies Terror Tactics in Kosovo
by staff report via gan - RT Saturday, May 5 2012, 12:03am

A delegation of Syrian rebels has made a deal with Pristina authorities to exchange experience on partisan warfare. The Syrian opposition is sending militants to Kosovo for adopting tactics and being trained to oust President Bashar Assad’s regime.

On April 26, a delegation of Syrian opposition members made a stop in Pristina on their way from the US to hold talks on how to make use of the experience of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in Syria, reports the Associated Press.

So far, a poorly-organized Syrian opposition has proven unable to self-organize and form a steady front against the forces of President Assad.

Terror tactics used by militants allow them to kill military and governmental officials, but do not help to hold positions against a regular army.

“We come here to learn. Kosovo has walked this path and has an experience that would be very useful for us,” says the head of the Syrian delegation Ammar Abdulhamid, a Syrian-born human rights activist and dissident. “In particular, we’d like to know how scattered armed groups were finally organized into the KLA.”

Syrian opposition leaders have promised to immediately recognize Kosovo once they seize power in the country.

“We’re in vital need of joint actions as a coalition opposition,” stressed Ammar Abdulhamid, a long-time opponent of the Syria’s President Bashar Assad. In 2005, he left Syria to settle in the US.

The training camp on the Albanian-Kosovo border that has welcomed Syrian attendees was originally organized by the US to help the KLA train its fighters.

The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) was considered a terrorist organization by the US, the UK and France for years until, in 1998, it was taken off the list of terrorists with no explanation given. The KLA used to have up to 10 per cent of underage fighters in its ranks.

There were numerous reports of the KLA having contacts with Al-Qaeda, getting arms from that terrorist organization, getting its militants trained in Al-Qaeda camps in Pakistan and even having members of Al-Qaeda in its ranks fighting against Serbs.

In 1998-1999 Kosovo separatists started an armed conflict with Belgrade to split the Kosovo region from Serbia. The war in the region was marked with mass atrocities and executions of the civilian population. Most of the Serbs that used to live in Kosovo became refugees.

In 2008, 10 years after the beginning of armed conflict with Serbia, Kosovo unilaterally proclaimed independence from Belgrade. Kosovo’s independence has been recognized by leading Western countries, most members of NATO and countries associated with the bloc.

The same horrors that were witnessed during the war in Kosovo are now apparently being prepared for the multi-confessional Syrian population by Islamist Syrian Liberation Army trained in Muslim Kosovo in the middle of Europe.

The Syrian Liberation Army group that actually formed the delegation to Kosovo has been fighting with the Syrian government for over a year now. This stand-off has claimed well over 9,000 lives, about half of them Syrian servicemen, law enforcers and officials.

Lately, the militants have been squeezed out of the Syrian cities and their positions along the Syrian-Turkish border. Being unable to turn the tide independently, the Syrian Liberation Army has been addressing to its foreign sponsors to start a military intervention into Syria to topple President Bashar Assad.

Copyright applies.

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