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by sandman Friday, May 4 2012, 12:01am
international / imperialism / commentary

Eat shit and learn to like it, slaves!

Economic Austerity programs are designed for the enslaved masses, yes that's right, the average or common people; have you seen bankers or corporate directors/CEOs or other elite rogues under any austerity pressures or 'doing it tough' economically? Not on YOUR life, corrupt elite cabals SHOWER themselves in money and benefits at YOUR expense simply because they can -- and YOU do NOTHING about the GROSS injustices, screaming double standards and gaping disparities, you disgraceful, spineless, shit-eaters!

How could you be in fear of these weak, elite shits that print money from thin air and then enslave you with it? I know them and I can assure you they are NOTHING; they buy everything they require including brains/skill; they are totally DEPENDENT PARASITES in every sense of the world and you fear them.

Tell them they can shove their AUSTERITIES up their collective ass and threaten to march on the banks to emphasize the point that you are no longer fooled or so easily ENSLAVED!

There is nothing to fear from them, we are the people, the GLOBAL MAJORITY and they are a tiny group of financial elites -- give yourselves a break, rid the planet of this parasitic VERMIN and restore justice to the WORLD! Or would you like me to do it for you -- move on THEM!

Alternatively, you could impose harsh austerities on the criminal elites; remove them from their abstract paper wealth and opulent environments and set them to work earning a living, give them a taste of YOUR reality -- then shoot the cunts! (little joke). Far better to make them WORK and serve society as street sweepers, refuse collectors, etc! The Chinese people allowed the last Emperor to live out his days as a gardener in the palace.

Austerities for WHOM should be the question -- constantly question your politicians on who actually designed the ETS/Carbon Tax, rort! Then shoot the cunts!

Cleaves Alternative News.