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The Cure and the Disease
by tom Sunday, Apr 29 2012, 10:08am
international / social/political / commentary

Gillard is the Disease

I was particularly amused by the title of a piece (linked) written by veteran Oz political journo, Michelle Grattan, regarding Australia's backstabbing, TOXIC PM, Juliar 'Carbon Sachs' Gillard. It read, "Gillard tries to stop the rot;" hilarious, as Gillard is the rot! It's like sending in 'Typhoid Mary' to cure typhus or Dracula to manage the blood bank. Juliar Gillard has single handedly completely destroyed the Australian Labor Party both at State and Federal levels. Her appalling backstabbing of the public (and Rudd) over the Carbon Tax is the primary reason she has become the first 'political leper' in Australian history -- how anyone imagined she would get away with such a GROSSLY traitorous act, is beyond my comprehension and the Oz publics' judging by catastrophic State Labor losses in recent elections.

Political Leper, arrogant and insular Juliar Gillard
Political Leper, arrogant and insular Juliar Gillard

Gillard had very little going for her to begin with but by openly stabbing the Australian people in the back regarding a promise NOT to impose a Goldman Sachs designed carbon tax on the nation, she not only sealed her fate PERMANENTLY but the fate of anyone that supported her, which of course includes the Labor Party itself.

The only course of action that may have prevented the Party going down, would have been to replace her as leader and rearrange/rename her toxic tax to make it look less like what it is -- a CRUCIFIXION on an already debt-burdened public!

Gillard is so divorced from day to day reality she is unaware that the people are strapped and cannot cope with a GIANT NEW (unnecessary) TAX that will increase the price of EVERYTHING across the board!

The highly educated Australian public is aware that climate change is a reality -- THAT IS NOT THE ISSUE/distraction; TAXING the public and attempting to profit from a banker designed ETS scheme is an extremely INEFFICIENT way of DIRECTLY dealing with INDUSTRIAL pollutants and the Transnational Corporations that PRODUCE them? Regulate the source of the problem rather than imposing another burden on the public -- Corporate PENALTIES are required not public tax crucifixions!

Attempting to shift responsibility and the cost burden away from the Corporates and onto the public while also hoping to make a Bank profit via trading swaps was just too much for any sane population to wear.

As stated on numerous previous occasions, the longer TOXIC Gillard remains leader of the Labor Party the further into the wilderness it will be KICKED by the Australian people who justifiably detest the sight of that traitorous backstabbing BITCH -- it's a wonder she hasn't been shot!

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