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"What we feel and think we are, is to a great extent determined by the state of our ductless glands and viscera" -- Aldous Huxley
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by krall Thursday, Apr 26 2012, 10:00am
international / mass media / news report

this short piece is mainly for the crewz and to irritate the NSA, FBI, CIA and a host of other 'intelligence' and 'security' agencies that mainly specialize in incompetence.

first i would thank all the Corporates and Banks for their total ADDICTION to digital technologies and communications -- your addiction ensures our existence and lifestyle, we have plenty of time on our hands to hone our skills and gain greater mastery of the technologies and mediums YOU provided.

we can't thank you enough for supplying us with the digital means for our survival; ur digital 'trees' are heavy with wealth of every denomination and beg to be harvested, but we only take enough for our immediate needs, unlike you, we are not slaves to money or greed, why should we, when it is freely available -- $10 or a $1,000,000, it's all the same to us?

we sometimes see our peers from school days running around with furrowed brows, clearly under the massive survival pressures of today's debt-slave world; not so the hacker elite, we have gained our freedom via our skills base and collaborative smarts.

the greater your dependence on digital technology the stronger we get; you once entertained the notion of turning off the internet but the Banks and Corporates wouldn't allow, as only one day without GLOBAL trading would collapse the global economy -- globalization was ur idea, not ours! you fucked yourselves by underestimating the medium and by allowing us to develop our skills and take the upper hand decades past -- the gap is to wide to close today. now we have u fucked.

so what do u do, expand the most vulnerable digital medium available -- WIRELESS or Wi-Fi -- what a gift! Hacking Wi-Fi is something my granny can do -- you guys just can't do anything right; so impatient to turn a buck, you expand a medium before u secure it -- brilliant -- once in, never out, as the motto goes.

everything has been hacked, from magnetic strips, card readers, RFID chips to ICs in credit and ID cards -- the tighter you lock down society the FREER we get, savor that irony, MORONS!

its time to go lamers - with a buzz and a click i end the refrain.

i don't know who Mercury had in mind when he wrote the song, but we are at the vanguard, we are the champions of the FREE world!

greetz to all the crews, salutations to the Uber elite and homage to the master himself, 'F' -- the first but not the last!

you will never lure us out, we have preempted ur every move and what we don't preempt, ur communications reveal -- we can't thank you enough.

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