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"The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire" -- Robert A Heinlein
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The Crucifixion of Joy
by ryall Wednesday, Apr 25 2012, 12:31am
international / social equality/unity / commentary

I hadn’t thought about it before, a reader brought it to my attention.

I am a poet and am predisposed to joy, happiness and love – inherent traits in all human beings. But as is so clear today, these (now rare) traits and emotions are fragile and must be nurtured, protected and allowed to reach their full potential and STRENGTH in order to withstand the massive depressing, TOXIC forces of American culture and society – the sickest, most destructive culture that exists on the planet today!

Who would tolerate a nation that subscribes to a doctrine of Perpetual War, mass murder and destruction, for Christ’s LOVE’S SAKE? The wars waged today are the most IGNOBLE ever fought in history; they are waged for PROFIT – FILTHY MONEY, where is the honour in that? America and its puppet allies have reduced their military to uniformed mass murderers for Corporate profit – a little research VERIFIES the FACT!

The world is AWARE of the TRUTH today; no WMD, no external threats, orchestrated (WTC7) terrorist attacks, no humanitarian crises that can’t be dealt with around a table by international consensus. STATE terrorism, wars based and fought on LIES and a constant stream of fear-saturated, DEPRESSING propaganda that issues like sewage from the CORPORATE MASS MEDIA are the ‘order’ of the day.

America has become a disease that MUST feed its ruling, blood-sucking Corporatocracy and turn a parasitic PROFIT at ANY COST to the planet, environment and HUMAN LIFE – this parasite will kill its host if remedial action is not taken!

Half a million (500,000) CHILDREN and millions more INNOCENT men and women DEAD due to UNNECESSARY wars and embargos that block BASIC medical supplies, orchestrated so America could steal Iraqi oil and the resources of other nations -- woe ,woe, woe to SICK and EVIL America!

Libya’s REAL ‘crime’ was that it was NOT indebted to the PRIVATELY OWNED Global Reserve Banking Cartel, Libya WAS a debt free nation and 'they' couldn't have it! Would anyone in their right mind and loving heart allow mass murder, wars and wanton destruction for the (PROFIT) benefit of a FEW plutocrats? Come on people, we CAN DO A LOT BETTER THAN THAT!

Make no mistake, I am no fantasist, the Love that sustains me and rules my existence and poetic expression today was earned; do you not think that social perversity affects every individual? I have been horrifically abused, terrorised, tortured and jailed, all these injustices and tribulations gave me little option but to either follow the lead set by abusing psychopaths or to heal myself with the most effective healing and harmonising FORCE known to this universe – LOVE! The same love that great religious leaders spoke about so passionately, the same infinite healing force that sustains all things and is actually the substratum of all existence! Be acutely aware that society cannot continue in the manner in which America prescribes for the world, the USA is an aberration a terminal DISEASE that MUST BE cured immediately!

It is true that only a handful (Wall St) of nefarious individuals and psychopaths rule America and the western world, they rule with nothing more sophisticated than DEBT SLAVERY and psychological fear/terror tactics sustained by vile LIES, deceit and constant depressing propaganda – we must ALL rise to the challenge and REJECT these simplistic methods; we must first free ourselves with LOVE – OPEN Y/OUR HEARTS and let it flow like a mighty river of its own accord; resist scorn, criticism even physical abuse, RESIST everything and anything that would oppose this healing force regardless of personal cost. By adhering to LOVE in the face of all adversity and drawing on its strength to prevail, we/YOU have already won every battle and challenge that could be waged against us.

We should not forget that the personification of LOVE, the Christian Messiah, fashioned a soft whip to use as a weapon and eject the evil bankers from the temple – do not remain passive or be misled any longer, WE ARE ABLE!

It is TIME to flick the switch on the criminal cabals that have stolen our JOY, HARMONY and PEACE. Resist with vigour and passion, every perverse destructive action taken by governments and the Bankers that control them.

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