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WikiLeaks Lawyer: bureaucratic bungle exposes AMERICAN watch list
by taggart Friday, Apr 20 2012, 9:10am
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Jennifer Robinson, pretty young flirtatious lawyer for Julian Assange, (toughen up girl, you are playing in the big league now) wants answers regarding her status on an "inhibited travel list." Robinson was recently stopped at Heathrow airport and informed she would require approval from Australia House to board her flight to Sydney.

Jennifer Robinson
Jennifer Robinson

The Oz government is playing the ignorant card, which suits it, and says it knows nothing about such a list; Heathrow security on the other hand was far more obliging, informing Ms Robinson that she must have done something "controversial" to land on the list. In any event her boarding pass was issued prior to the restriction and she was able to board her plane bound for sunny, moron Oz. However, Lawyer Robinson now wants answers from lackey politicians in Canberra, especially Attorney General, Roxon.

But perhaps lay people may be able to assist.

It may or may not have occurred to Ms Robinson that the civilian killing, c-r-i-m-i-n-a-l US administration 'has it in' for her client, Julian Assange, and is making a statement to the WORLD, effectively informing EVERYONE that regardless of due process or any existing law/protocol, they will target anyone that assists people they dislike -- but you knew that, didn't you, Jen?

The other possibility is that a bungle has revealed planned draconian measures to be applied on populations in the near future. When we consider the information in the above linked document, published more than half a decade ago, it becomes clear that today's realities (indefinite detention, etc) were formulated years ago -- by whom you should now ask, sheeple, but we'll allow Jennifer Robinson to figure that out for us -- after all she is a Rhodes Scholar, but then again so is Tony Abbott!


[The world is full of geniuses.]

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