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Solo Rider
by cubic Friday, Apr 20 2012, 7:35am
international / social/political / other press

Oz biker clubs display their minus IQ levels to society. Recent drive-by shootings involving the Hells Angels and Nomads have of course triggered the expected response, increased powers to the police, you fuckin' MORONS!


Lucky Luciano organised opposing gangs in the US to form a coherent and very successful syndicate. Bosses from previously competing clans formed a council and business boomed. Gang activities emulated corporate models until organised crime was able to purchase politicians and take control of government -- never forget money doesn't talk, it swears!

So, what is happening in Oz? Biker clubs are fighting each other and serving the interests of the State, you mindless morons.

FORM a united front and oppose STATE criminals. Former PM, John Howard, is indisputably the most notorious mass murdering criminal in Australian history, but is he under threat, NO, because he co-operates with a GLOBAL criminal cabal.

If biker idiots wish to survive, then purge the clubs of those who divide -- they are probably undercover pigs anyway -- if you idiots want strength, success and power, U-N-I-T-E? COMBINE, UNIFY into ONE FORCE, and become a formidable front that opposes the CRIMINAL STATE.

Seen the disease before in the can -- thousands of 'crims' herded by a handful of prison guards because the crims remained divided.

Biker leaders are so incredibly 'smart' today, they screw themselves regularly by fighting each other in drive-by's and creating enmity with the community at large; a community that once had respect for outlaw biker clubs!

UNITY is strength, divisionism is DEATH, morons!

Mass media report follows:

Cops get new powers to tackle bikie wars
by Janet Fife-Yeomans

BIKIES are to be banned from owning or operating tattoo parlours as police are given tough new powers to tackle the bikie wars tearing Sydney apart.

Premier Barry O’Farrell has announced that members of outlaw motorcycle gangs will also be banned from wearing their "colours" or anything that identified them as a bikie in the 58 pubs, clubs and restaurants in Kings Cross.

Wild west rocked by spree of shootings

Mr O'Farrell said the community had had a gutful of outlaw motorcycle gangs and other organised crime groups who thought they were untouchable.

Police car set alight after 'bikie threat

"No-one in NSW is above the law and we are serious about ensuring police have all the tools they need to bring a halt to the shooting spree which has hit our city," Mr OFarrell said.

"Today I reaffirm my commitment to provide the NSW Police with the powers they need to do their job.

"Wearing your club colours does not make you some sort of superhero, impervious to the law."

Shootings - fear rules the streets as bikie war hits full blast

Flanked by Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione at a press conference at police headquarters in Sydney’s Elizabeth Street, Mr O’Farrell said he would take the package to cabinet on Monday.

Mr Scipione said this is what police had been asking for.

"We have seen the problems caused by outlaw motorcycle gangs in Kings Cross. Police are sick and tired of bikie gangs in colours entering premises and intimidating staff and patrons,’ Mr Scipione said.

"This is also about assisting licensees to provide safe venues for their patrons."

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