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Trifecta Resista Peaceful Protest Against Drone Warfare
by addy Tuesday, Apr 17 2012, 11:59pm
international / social equality/unity / other press

Following hot on the heels of a sadistic, racist, Israeli soldier slamming his rifle into the face of a peaceful protester we have the USAF advancing on peaceful protesters in the USA -- just perfect!

No need to get upset sheeple, you are witnessing the most subtle effect of psychological warfare, the objective is off course to divide a population and subvert the target society from within -- a method the US has used successfully over the past two decades against occupied nations today.

However, people learn fast and have now engaged in similar psychological warfare tactics AGAINST the USA. The results are self-evident; you see it on your TV screens nightly; police brutality against peaceful Occupy protesters, a nation divided and a population subjected today to outrageous brutalization from oppressive violent INTERNAL regulatory forces, how very sweet it is!

Note the mindless, idiotic, advance of the trained military morons in the video -- cos that's what they are in that condition; they would kill and maime, have no doubts.

Clearly evident is the mindlessness of these trained baboons cos in that state sentient human beings, they are NOT! Only after the event are they left to their humanity and to ruminate over their appalling, moronic, actions (PTSD)!

The result of course when brother fights brother is breakdown; a nation/house divided cannot stand; even TODAY nations fall for the oldest trick in the book and CLEARLY the US has ALSO taken the bait, hook, line and SINKER - lol!

As is recorded in the historical record numerous times, we are witnessing today the sure collapse of Empire from internal corruption and from subtle but supremely effective external attacks -- you people have no fuckin' idea what you're really dealing with!

We informed you directly (NSA) six years past that we would bring you down, that exercise captured your attention, from that point you were ours; you have been subtly managed ever since; and here's the bitter pill, by the same forces you contract to assist you in your nefarious pursuits, just perfect, isn't it?

Your REAL enemy is your FRIEND, how positively fiendish, but only to morons such as yourselves, you murdering, thieving, bastards!

Did you imagine that forces for good would not prevail over the civilian killing evil scum that you ARE?

Please use all the trained military and police baboons you wish to fight what you are unable to comprehend. It is now too late for you to alter course, you are damned if you do, and damned if you don't -- thoroughly defeated though the phenomenological reality would take a little time to materialize.

Do you know what defeated you? As said of old, the 'stone' you cast out, abused, victimized and tortured became your nemesis, as is also written in your book/'text.'

It was just too easy juggling all the semiotic strings that create and DESTROY cultural realities/consciousness and social directions.

It's all just so satisfying, we cannot help a little gloat at this stage, cos we did it ALL with keyboards, skill, speed and GENIUS!

While your criminal Banks, Corporations and military require GLOBAL digital communications networks to function, WE thrive, and YOU are fucked!

We are the elite of the elite, the Uber warriors and you are going down, you ossified, antiquated, murdering bastards. We know EVERYTHING about you and you know nothing about us -- don't it just piss ya?

Goodbye Amerika, we informed you previously it (digital reality) was a two-edged sword but you didn't listen -- it was all too easy. The enemy is now within and without! How sweet it is!

Greetz to all the crewz and salutations to 'ferrite,' the first but not the last.

We are MANY -- WE are ONE -- We are UNSTOPPABLE! And YOU, don't make us LAUGH OUT LOUD!

Enjoy the video, MORONS!


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by skip Wednesday, Apr 18 2012, 1:19am

you have a point -- over the past decade the loss of civil liberties and social freedoms to the extent of indefinite detention without charge or trial signals a clear victory to America's enemies -- they used the administration to conduct a war against the American population itself, which can only end in ruin for the nation.

and to think it was all done in the name of profit for a wealthy minority that the nation was lost.

i have watched as fear took hold of American society, people are truly frightened but they refuse to admit the source of their fear is their own government. soon they will have no choice but to face the grim reality. the most basic democratic rights and freedoms have been lost.

i curse the greedy pigs that brought ruination to our country. they can still be stopped if the people claw back their dignity and will to survive.

by pam Wednesday, Apr 18 2012, 4:40am

You're not the only ones gloating -- Obama really enjoys ridiculing the American people, he laughed when they were mindlessly chanting "yes, we can," during his first presidential campaign then joked, at the public's expense, about airport genital groping or 'pat-downs.' His contempt for average Americans is obvious, you can imagine what his handlers think of the people?

I'm not sure you are responsible for turning ruling elites against the people in such an oppressive way, as you claim. We have seen this coming for a long time. Signs of decline were evident at least three decades ago, if not longer.

But if you think you can accelerate the inevitable then do your best -- clearly it can't get better unless it gets worse first.

Americans have never experienced totalitarianism, it will take some time before they wake to it -- by then it will be too late for the nation and the world. Today's ruling elites are evil personified; it's a shame that only a few people are aware of who is really responsible for all the current wars mayhem and destruction.

No one knows the outcome, it could go many ways, but one thing is clear, whatever happens it won't be pretty.

Have a nice day, they are tracking you down even as I write.

yea, we know ....
by threes Wednesday, Apr 18 2012, 4:43am

we're really packin' it, -- can you hear our laughter above the click of our keyboards?

but thanks for your thoughtful comment, pam.

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