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The Oz Carbon Tax/Crucifixion -- the REAL Cost
by dasha Saturday, Apr 14 2012, 9:23pm
international / imperialism / other press

After reading the following report, based on conservative estimates, the question that should be asked is WHO designed this outrageous Tax? We know Corporate lackey, Juliar Gillard isn't capable of independent thought, she was pushed into power because Rudd began to oppose the powers. So who is behind this unnecessary, crucifying TAX BURDEN, which will INCREASE the cost of EVERYTHING?

Carbon Tax -- note the Jewish Goldman Sachs figure
Carbon Tax -- note the Jewish Goldman Sachs figure

A little research reveals that this toxic Tax was designed by Wall St Bankers, including Goldman Sachs (such illustrious credentials) and large Corporate interests in order to facilitate a new PENALTY ECONOMY to replace the failed (2008) PRODUCTION economy which is only kept 'alive' with constant printed money transfusions -- QE1-2-3 to date!

Australia was chosen as the first nation in which to test/IMPOSE this Banker designed slavery Tax for very good reason; its government is completely SERVILE to Washington and Wall St interests so political opposition is eliminated and its population is notoriously APATHETIC.

Success in Australia means that nefarious forces are able to cite the Australian example to other nations that require extreme 'corrective' economic 'remedies' -- this is typically the way in which the Carbon crucifixion is sold to nations. This Carbon Tax/ETS is without doubt the most enslaving policy implemented since the time of the Pharaohs and ancient Rome. Banks and large Corporations ("all additional costs will be passed onto the consumer") will continue to benefit while the population at large will be pounded into the dust. Good one Oz, you morons!

However, the Australian people have a golden opportunity to EMPHATICALLY REJECT this Tax, via nationwide rolling strikes, pay rise demands and other industrial action, and fire the first shot against nefarious minority globalist forces that wish to enslave Australia and the entire world. No amount of subsidy or compensation makes an impression on the huge additional OVERALL cost burden to the PEOPLE, if it did the tax wouldn't have been implemented in the first instance, doh!

Anyway, good luck Oz cos it ain't lookin' good -- and the solution is NOT the 'other' owned political party -- install real REPRESENTATIVE INDEPENDENTS into office and RESTORE AUSTRALIAN DEMOCRACY -- a simple solution that even apathetic Aussies should be able to manage.

Report from Activist Post follows:

The Real Cost of the Australian Carbon Tax
by Andrew Puhanic

On July 1, 2012, the Australian Government will introduce a Globalist-backed carbon tax. The carbon tax will begin at a fixed price of $23 per tonne of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere.

Cloaked by the lies and deception of the science that has persuaded the Australian Government that climate change is real, the Globalists have now began to change the fundamental structure of the booming Australian economy. The real cost of a carbon tax on the Australian economy and how it will affect Australian families directly was hidden by the Globalists and the Australian Government when they were selling the carbon tax to the Australian public. Now that Australia is about to introduce a Globalist carbon tax, Australian businesses have begun to change the way they do business in Australia and this is now impacting ordinary Australians.

Firstly, the immediate impact of a carbon tax will be felt by charitable organizations. The Salvation Army, one of Australia’s largest charitable organizations, has revealed that a carbon tax will cost them an additional $3.5 million dollars and that this could impact on the services they provide to about 300,000 people a year of which includes emergency accommodation and drug and alcohol counseling.

Secondly, to make matters even worse for charitable organisations and ordinary Australians, electricity companies are refusing to tell struggling families and businesses exactly how much the carbon tax will add to their power bills.

The Australian federal government estimates electricity prices will increase by up to 10 per cent when the tax kicks in on July 1, 2012, however there have been reports that electricity prices will in fact increase by up to 20% and more.

In Canberra, the cost of electricity is set to increase by about $244 per household, or almost 20 per cent, with the Federal Government’s carbon tax making up more than 75 per cent of the jump.

Thirdly, and even more disturbing, is the fact that the introduction of this ;Globalist-backed carbon tax will make Australia one of the most uncompetitive countries in the world. At the moment, Australian business already pay 130 percent more for electricity than Canadians, according to new research, which will rise to 250 percent once the carbon tax and locked-in price increases take effect. The average New South Wales household’s annual cost for electricity would fall from $1700 to less than $700 if their prices were the same as in Canada.

Finally, not only will the cost of living go up; the cost of doing business in Australia will go up and result in a nation-wide wage freeze. It has been recently reported that the Australian Industry Group (AIG) has asked Fair Work Australia (Australia’s workplace industrial tribunal) to restrict the next rise in the minimum wages to $14 a week, less than the rate of inflation. There are also many unconfirmed reports that negotiations between employees and employers in large Australian corporations (Telstra, BHP and Rio Tinto for example) have already begun to factor in the cost of the carbon tax for their next set of enterprise agreements.

So where is the Australian Government receiving most of its advice about the supposed effects of climate change, and why Australia needs a carbon tax? The supposed “authoritative” voice comes from a man named Tim Flannery, who is Australia’s Chief Climate Commissioner. Tim Flannery, a self-proclaimed Globalist and another supporter of global government, was appointed to the position of Chief Climate Commissioner only because he shares the same misguided beliefs about climate change as does the leader of the Australian Greens party Bob Brown (Self proclaimed globalist and supporter of global government) and the leader of the Australian Labor party, Julia Gillard.

Tim Flannery has been caught on record exaggerating the supposed effects of climate change. Over the past 5 years, he has been recorded as saying: (Remember, this man is advising the Australian Government about issues pertaining around climate change)
- “Picture an eight-storey building by a beach, then imagine waves lapping its roof.” (The Age, 2006)

- “Anyone with a coastal view from their bedroom window, or their kitchen window, or wherever, is likely to lose their house as a result of that change, so anywhere, any coastal cities, coastal areas, are in grave danger.” (WWF interview, 2007)

- “I think there is a fair chance Perth will be the 21st century’s first ghost metropolis. Its whole primary production is in dire straits.” (The Sydney Morning Herald, 2004)

- “The water problem is so severe for Adelaide that it may run out of water by early 2009.” (Jetstar magazine, 2008). Adelaide’s water storages are now 53 per cent full.
What future does the Australian economy have and how can we expect the Australian people to continue to prosper when one of the most influential Australian Globalists, Tim Flannery, is advising the Australian Government about climate change and why Australia needs a carbon tax?

There has also been debate though the community that the introduction of a carbon tax might be unconstitutional. According to the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA), the introduction of a carbon tax may actually be unconstitutional because carbon dioxide emissions are state property which can’t be taxed by the Commonwealth Government of Australia. They claim that the Commonwealth Government of Australia can’t impose a carbon tax and related penalties within the same piece of legislation nor use the external affairs powers of the Australian constitution.

All Globalist-backed carbon tax initiatives should only be regarded as transfer payments from your pocket to the pockets of the Globalist elite, large corporations and banks. A carbon tax will not make one single digit of improvement to global air quality or climate change and will make any country that adopts it uncompetitive and destined to fail. Note that economically failed states make for easy Banker take-over and Corporate exploitation.

If your minority serving federal or local government is about to introduce a carbon tax don’t stay silent on the issue.

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Record Number Of Americans Registering As Independents
by Brandon Smith via stan - Alt-Market Saturday, Apr 14 2012, 10:14pm

For all the mass media induced doom, gloom and social paralysis that tends to permeate protest and Liberty movements at times, we sometimes overlook the incredible progress made in public awareness over the last few years.

For those who are new to the movement, it may not be immediately apparent, but statistical evidence indicates that huge strides are being made. The approval ratings for Congress and the President are at historic lows, puppet government is now widely known.

Americans are turning away from the false left-right paradigm in droves. There is a reason why the globalists that control our governments are implementing totalitarian legislation and draconian executive orders; they know that time for them is running out.

Remember real DEMOCRACY is NOT a two party race; VOTE for REAL REPRESENTATIVE INDEPENDENTS at every election and reject minority puppet rule.


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