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Imagine That!
by sandy Friday, Apr 6 2012, 11:42pm
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Imagine a once free nation that has implemented indefinite detention without trial or charge on its citizens or that has legalised murder/assassination of anyone it chooses on executive order only; a nation that has legalised torture and routinely corrupts the law, exonerating its mass murdering commercial criminal elites but prosecuting others for misdemeanours.

Imagine a nation that has displaced its humanitarian principles and belief system with a permanent war ideology to serve the interests of a few profiteers. Imagine that and more and you have the United States of criminal America, the world's leading civilian killing terrorist nation -- a nation that would CORRUPT the entire WORLD if we ALLOW IT.

Overturn elite criminal rule by installing REPRESENTATIVE INDEPENDENTS to OFFICE on every electoral opportunity in every election -- make that the OVERWHELMING response to criminal corruption, mass murder, war, military rule and white-collar crime and you would have restored your lives and given your children a chance in the future.

VOTE the scum out of office -- DEMOCRACY is NOT a race between to OWNED PARTIES, it is a process by which the MAJORITY of PEOPLE install THEIR representatives into office -- the two party system is CORRUPT, as a bought Congress and puppet president Obama clearly indicate!

YOUR nation, your choice! The criminals that have hijacked it number less than .1 of 1% and they DREAD the THOUGHT of an aware and FREE population.

The Federal Reserve debt-chains that bind you are made of WORTHLESS PAPER; you would remember that the slaves of Rome required IRON chains to bind them!

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