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Welcome to the Occupation - US Troops arrive in Darwin, Australia
by bluey Wednesday, Apr 4 2012, 11:13am
international / imperialism / other press

The first stage of Gillard's TREASONOUS acquiescence to Washington has been realised today with the arrival in Darwin of the first contingent of PERMANENT US troops of occupation to be stationed on OUR sacred and SOVEREIGN SOIL.

After granting war mongering, civilian killing, America FIVE full scale (nuclear armed) military bases from which they hope to threaten and contain China, Gillard's life is not worth a red cent. Gillard has just made Oz a primary nuclear target and has jeopardised our relationship with our largest trading partner. But she has served her purpose though she is the most unrepresentative, reviled PM in Oz history; Gillard dutifully imposed a Carbon Tax for Goldman Sachs and other Banking interests and has "enthusiastically" sacrificed Australian security for her Washington masters.

Civilian killng US Marines polluting our soil
Civilian killng US Marines polluting our soil

Not content to single handedly destroy the entire Labor Party Gillard has set her sights on destroying our once neutral, proud and FREE nation -- WELCOME to the OCCUPATION, colonial Australia!

Defence Minister Stephen 'kneepads' Smith, dutifully welcomed the US troops of occupation in his characteristic custard faced, grovelling manner. "One thing is absolutely sure and certain here today," he said, "you are very welcome" [rubbish!] Smith forgot to thank America for making Australia a PRIMARY NUCLEAR TARGET, how thoughtless of him!

Patriotic Australians are wondering how many pieces of silver Gillard and Smith received for selling out their own nation and people -- it is a very confronting and sad day today for ALL AUSSIE nationalists, patriots and COMPETENT leaders.

The lunacy of allowing the US to intimidate China, our largest trading partner, from our soil beggars belief, especially in consideration of the lost opportunity we had to exploit our new strategically critical location in the region.

The best our current crop of SPINELESS and appallingly INCOMPETENT politicians could do with our newfound bounty was give it away and GROVEL to the world's leading civilian killing, terrorist nation -- real politik is just too hard for Canberra pollies!

Perhaps a future patriotic COMPETENT political leader may return our nation to its sovereign status and pursue a new role as mediator between the US, China and other nations in the region. Australia has clearly relinquished a golden opportunity. I would ask all Aussies, what price the life of Gillard and other traitorous politicians these days? We have never seen such treasonous actions from Canberra in all our history!

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