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Universal Flux (Kenesis) and the Serpent Power
by sadh Monday, Apr 2 2012, 10:56am
international / personal development / article

A very quick and sure method of testing the 'credentials' of your yoga teacher is to question him/her on the 'coiled' aspect and 'dormancy' of the kundalini force -- it is described as both coiled and dormant in classical Sanskrit texts. 99.99% of yoga teachers in the world take the classical line, proving they are frauds at worst or misguided (unqualified) at best!


I would mention the use by Indian mystics of what is referred to as 'twilight language' in the Tantras, which indicates that these sacred texts are not to be taken literally.

As with all texts dealing with secret traditions they refer to essential meaning in very oblique ways, relying heavily on literary devices such as metaphor, analogy, metonym etc, to transmit their core message to those able to understand.

'Serpent' energy, which denotes a kinetic bioplasmic force that courses through the body and activates associated 'wheels' or chakras is an entirely poetic description. I would state quite plainly that if the Kundaline force were inert, static or 'dormant' then that condition would indicate physical DEATH; kinetic bioplasmic energy circulates constantly through the major energy 'ducts' (nadis are not nerves!) in all LIVING mammalian bodies at all times!

Furthermore, there is no such thing as non-active energy anywhere in the universe -- kenesis is characteristic of all energy. Indian sages refer to the 'dormant' aspect of the Kundalini energy as denoting IGNORANCE, not a condition or state! Astute readers would also note that Rishis/Sages (Ramana Maharishi) also referred to Realisation as, Kundalini Shakti!

While certain energy correspondences exist in some yoga traditions, it is the height of ignorance to refer to the Kundalini as dormant -- what is dormant in most western yoga centres is intelligence, knowledge, awareness and qualified teachers!

In conclusion I would borrow from the Christian tradition when referring to most modern yoga teachers in the west, as the BLIND leading/teaching the blinder!

Understand what an intelligent Indian monk (Vivekananda) once taught his western students, 'God' doesn't play hide and seek, it is ever present/evident and blazing in your moronic faces, excuse the spontaneous modification but I'm sure you get the point!

If you wish to achieve 'enlightenment' nothing could be easier than simply sitting and allowing your essential enlightened nature to shine through all the accumulated cultural garbage that pollutes your mind. Let it all go and just sit quietly; soon you too will become a Sage. Humans are purpose built for this experience and there are no mysteries involved. You would also save considerable funds, which could be put to better use.

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