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Accurate News – The War is Lost!
by gire Friday, Mar 30 2012, 10:48pm
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There are many wars and fronts raging today, even as I write; but few are given accurate coverage by the Corporate media for obvious reasons. The title refers to a war that ruling financial elites and plutocrats lost decades ago; principally due to the avaricious fact that ruling elites were too busy feeding at the trough of their ill-gotten gains to notice they had been completely out-manoeuvred, ‘surrounded’ and strategically defeated.


I refer to the digital cyber war; aim your arrows at the ‘heel!’ Banks and other financial institutions have been hiding their huge losses from the public for decades – the logic, which is so typical of the incompetent, criminally CORRUPT system, is that it would cost more to counter cyber attacks than it would to simply cover the losses from the profits coffer, so Bankster criminals kept covering losses out of their very finite pockets while seeking new ways (sub-prime mortgage, TARP, Carbon Tax) with which to defraud the public and compensate for those losses, notwithstanding their innate greed and the money they personally require to shower with!

As becomes immediately apparent the above (ill)logic spells defeat, anyone with half a brain to reason with sees; it is self-evident that left to freely develop, the expanding digital underground and cyber attacks would only INCREASE in frequency and effectiveness over time and that attacks would become more sophisticated, doh! The average person begins to see!

Yet another banker ‘solution,’ from an existing very short term cocaine-fuelled, criminal mindset was pursued. Faced with a situation that (bankers) were unable to contend with, they, in typical greedy pig fashion, went for even shorter-term grabs until the cupboard was bare – the global financial collapse of 2008 soon followed!

But here’s the cherry on the criminal bankster and corporatist cake, their new catastrophic ‘strategy’ is, you guessed it, ‘QUANTITAVE EASING (QE),’ which is a euphemism for printing paper money from thin air to cover losses and to debt-enslave the masses with P-A-P-E-R chains! The world is now in QE3 phase, which is an indication of how ‘successful’ QE1-2 were! Now, you would have to be the biggest fools and morons on the planet to TOLERATE that criminal paper RUSE/FRAUD, wouldn’t you? I am now referring to the public, God bless their gutless, spineless, moronic, collective IQ of minus 3!

In order to avoid all misunderstanding I will resort to plain language, you are being fucked up the arse BIG TIME, people! So we hope you are enjoying your paper debt-chains because your slavery is a constant source of amusement to the elite digital underground!

But to return to our primary targets, the CRIMINAL plutocrats that temporarily rule the world, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and other banking criminal families linked to the Reserve Banking System, who, I would EMPHASISE, have NO FUCKIN' IDEA what (digital) day it is! Here’s the secret to their (outdated, Mr. Brzezinski) power, ill-gotten money with which to buy and CORRUPT and FEAR/murder to intimidate, which for the digital underground T-O-D-A-Y are huge sources of even greater mirth than the paper chains that bind the masses – are we feeling a little ossified, Mr John Pilger and other ‘gifted’ blonde dinosaurs, rofl?

The digital underground has been able to pluck any amount of required funds at will from ‘digital trees’ for decades and to highlight their invulnerability, the uber elite are completely invisible! Have you ever tried to kill a shadow Mr Rockefeller, or fight a ghost you miserable Rothschild, child-killing scum? O, sorry I guess you have, that is why you have fucked the population up the arse good and proper -- sub-prime, TARP, austerity, genital groping, indefinite detention, legal assassination, etc, IS THERE NOTHING THE PUBLIC WILL NOT TOLERATE? Probably not, that is why you can have them, we are the ELITE of the ELITE and you are FINISHED!

I refer you all to story ‘516’ by nano; a single digital warrior is now able to bring down a ‘superpower’ – you’d better check those remote controlled systems now, USAF, especially your GPS and military satellites, morons -- this is just too good, I can barely bear it myself! Go fuck yourselves, dimwits, you haven’t got a clue!

We are MANY -- We are ONE and YOU are DEFEATED, you just haven’t hit the ground yet – LOL!

But please continue pursuing your hyper-short term cocaine ‘strategies,’ which further compromise your institutions and the global economy.

Banks and their fifth-rate hirelings have no ADEQUATE skill base with which to combat the forces that are rapidly destroying their criminal hold on the world.

A final word to the sheeple, only paper debt-chains enslave you, morons! It is a printed FRAUD fully EXPOSED!

Report from the Oz ABC follows:

Hackers target Mastercard, Visa users -- 10 million IDs compromised
by staff report

People who have recently travelled to the United States are being warned to check their credit card statements carefully after cyber criminals reportedly stole the data of more than 10 million Mastercard and Visa users.

It is believed the cyber criminals stole the information of millions of customers over several months from a US payment processor.

The credit card companies say they are investigating the breach, and will be issuing new cards to anyone who has been affected.

Discover Financial Services was also the hit in the latest in a string of incidents that have put the personal information of millions of credit cardholders at risk.

The companies, which represent three of the four largest global credit card processors, said the issue stemmed from a third-party vendor and not their own internal systems.

It is unclear just how large of a breach this is and how many customers might be affected.

MasterCard and Visa said they have notified banks about the security breach. Discover said it is monitoring accounts for suspicious activity and will reissue cards "as appropriate."

MasterCard said it notified law enforcement officials and has hired an independent data-security organisation to review the possible breach.

A US Secret Service spokesman said it was investigating but declined to give any specifics about the breach.

Visa said it provided banks with affected customers' account numbers and emphasised that customers are not responsible for fraudulent purchases.

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