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"Democracy is a form of government that substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few" -- George Bernard Shaw
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Assange 'would' run for Senate seat as 'Libertarian'
by wonder boy Tuesday, Mar 27 2012, 9:47am
international / social/political / other press

In a recent interview for the SMH WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is known to make empty threats if it gets him a headline, vowed to push for more open government and personal liberty for citizens in his bid for an upper house seat, Assange also accused the two major (bought) parties of failing the nation and the Australian people, doh!


If this latest media tease has any foundation in reality we could confidently say that Assange may have found his true vocation. His temperament and personality would certainly qualify him for the job -- he can't keep his dick in his pants, he is a narcissist that loves attention and the media limelight, which he plays more expertly than any existing Oz politician, including 'show pony' Kevin Rudd; he understands the social dynamics of fame and how to exploit the situation and people to his personal advantage -- and last but not least he is "charming" -- excuse me a moment! He's a fuckin' natural, but alas, his chances of success approximate Buckley's and none, though his ability to play 'pure politik' is desperately needed in Canberra -- Oz now occupies one of the most critical regions in the world and NO-ONE in Canberra is able to exploit the situation to the nation's best advantage.

We wish Mr Assange all the best and would support him in his push, Oz needs a 'Libertarian' in the House but we recommend the lower house and running against Gillard, who is without doubt the most reviled piece of political shit that has ever 'graced' the floor -- she continues to avoid responsibility for the unprecedented slaughter of her party in Queensland, though the entire Oz population knows who is to blame!

We sincerely hope this is not another Assange empty threat, as it is clear he is completely unsuited to run an anonymous whistleblowing website/organisation. Leave the cloak, dagger and hacking to the faceless operators of the underground and those expert in the data 'appropriation' and smuggling business.

What more can I say except I have this gnawing feeling it will all come to nothing -- but on this one I would love to be proven wrong.

Juliar Gillard: single-handedly destroying the entire Labor Party
Juliar Gillard: single-handedly destroying the entire Labor Party

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