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Do you Remember?
by kit Monday, Mar 19 2012, 11:28am
international / prose/poetry / literature

you stole my peace,
and composure
and replaced my steadfastness
with love
now i am
like a crazed monkey
hooting in the night

you may have forgotten me
but i have not forgotten you,
rest easy my enduring love
once touched by this divine madness
you can never return
to the world of transitory illusion

there is no reality outside
what appears as the world
is tribulation, tragedy and woe,
a mirage of the mind
a trick of fate
necessary to guide us
to love's enduring wonder
and return us safely
to our rightful place
in Paradise

when love flows i am only able to express it to the exclusion of all else
there was naught before Love; nothing endures without it. surely it is time to
cease supporting war, conflict and hate.

Love's reality is One;
in oneness we find our peace and joy
every other course leads to misery and death.

surely now is the time to abandon our callous disregard
and embrace Life, Love and Harmony.

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