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“Luring Hackers,” by Stephen Conroy - Oz communications minister
by lynx Friday, Mar 16 2012, 7:52am
national / mass media / commentary

Former censorship minister under Kevin ‘hand-mirror’ Rudd, Stephen ‘vpn’ Conroy (lol) has advertised in the local mass media for hackers -- whom he/the media refers to as, “boffins” -- to assist him/government/private industry in protecting Corporate networks!

Conroy seems to think he’s in America where collective memory doesn’t extend past the last episode of American idol; however, here in Oz, aware citizens remember all too well how Conroy, under pressure from Corporatists, especially Murdoch, attempted unsuccessfully to implement Internet data censorship on the public.

Conroy's paternalistic approach met with scorn and derision from all quarters of Oz society, his very lame and outrageously costly method of censorship could easily be circumvented with the use of proxy servers and VPN technologies; yet this puppet clown, Nazi minister continued to insist that his censorship program was necessary to protect Oz from child porn, a carefully chosen excuse no doubt. But Conroy’s failure and the withdrawal of his politically toxic policy from the political arena is now legendary; nevertheless, Conroy, though bereft of all political skills, had one quality in abundance, gall!

So here he comes again in typical insular, mindless fashion, attempting to lure hackers into the open with a facile and extremely lame, FBI inspired, ‘competition' -- a method used with considerable success in the moronic USA to lure wanted criminals into the open.

Needless to say, Conroy’s latest, feeble attempt to serve his masters will meet with even less success than did his censorship policy -- it’s almost as absurd as CIA partner Google’s repeated efforts to dupe Gmail users into revealing their personal mobile phone numbers, yea sure!

We look forward to the outcome of this ‘competition’ -- perhaps the winners may gain a spot on Australian idol -- lol!

However, the most revealing aspect of this ridiculous ‘competition’ is that the Oz Labor Party under the leadership of Juliar Gillard, is clearly entering terminal phase.

Report from the Murdoch media follows:

Wanted: University cyber boffins to protect internet from web criminals

WANTED, Australian university students to guard computer networks from cyber criminals.

If you are an undergraduate with top cyber problem-solving skills then Australia's first national Cyber Defence University Challenge is probably for you.

Federal Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy Stephen Conroy says the 24-hour challenge, to start on April 3, will test the skills of teams of students in a virtual computer network scenario.

"The Government is committed to working with industry to develop a safe and secure digital economy for Australians," Senator Conroy said in a statement.

"We are also committed to increasing the skills and expertise necessary to protect online environments from cyber crime such as data theft."

The prize is travel and entry to the Black Hat 2012 Conference in Las Vegas in July.

Senator Conroy said Black Hat conferences are much sought-after technical information security congresses and briefing seminars which bring together trainers and speakers from corporate, Government and research sectors worldwide.

The competition was a partnership between the Federal Government, universities and Telstra, he said.

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