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US Military Ready to Deploy New Weapons System on Public
by mitch Tuesday, Mar 13 2012, 10:43pm
international / peace/war / commentary

The civilian killing, criminal US military -- My Lai massacre, Laos carpet bombing, Haditha, Kandahar massacres, ETC, -- now invested with the power by PUPPET president Obama to detain anyone it chooses indefinitely on suspicion, has gone public with a new 'intimidating' microwave heat-beam weapons system, which is easily circumvented by reflectors and other mobile, decentralized tactics. However, the following press release is intended to instill fear into an already cowering, genitally groped, whipped-dog, paralyzed American public. You people are PATHETIC!


Not so down here in penal colony Oz, we know how to deal with such things EASILY -- it's a cultural characteristic; this is not a patriarchal society that automatically defers to authority, in contrast self-determination, initiative and individual resourcefulness prevail down here -- respect/authority must be EARNED down here, you poor American, fear-ridden, oppressed slobs. You deserve EVERYTHING you get, you have earned your 'reward!' [Nonetheless, we always welcome the exceptional, from every corner, to our shores.]

Corporate media report follows:

Military 'heat ray' to disperse rioting crowds
staff report

This is the moment before dozens of people are hit with a new "heat ray" being trialled by the US military which has the power to instantly disperse riotous crowds.

The new "Active Denial System" shoots electronic waves at people, instantly heating their skin to a temperature of 54C.

When the ray is fired, the targeted people are subjected to the feeling of standing in front of an open fire and instinctively run away, the Globe and Mail reports.

The high-energy system has been calibrated at a frequency that penetrates about 4mm into the skin a depth that researchers say will shock people without injuring them.

It was unveiled by the US military this week after it was tested on thousands of willing participants.

"You're not gonna see it, you're not gonna hear it, you're not gonna smell it you're gonna feel it," Marine Colonel Tracy Taffola said.

The ray, which has been in development for 15 years, can reach distances equal to seven football fields.

It is now ready for action and is predicted to be used for crowd control and perimeter security.

The military has not commented on whether the device could be altered so that it could burn crowds en masse or whether heating a crowd may incite mass panic.

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