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"We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men" -- George Orwell
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It’s a Post Modern Anonymous World
by Kismo Tuesday, Mar 13 2012, 1:23am
international / mass media / commentary

Those clinging desperately to past structures and conventions (structuralists) are as doomed as the legendary dodo. I refer to antiquated oligarchs, plutocrats, Bilderbergers, Trilaterals, CFRs and other assorted ossified species! “We have seen the enemy and the enemy is LAME!”

FBI chief, Robert 'no hope' Mueller!
FBI chief, Robert 'no hope' Mueller!

After prodding teasing that thin-skinned fairy, Bilderberger and Chairman of Google censorship and data management, Eric ‘darling’ Schmidt, and watching his big girl reactive antics to online criticism, it became abundantly clear that these ‘barons’ (lol) of industry and ‘lords’ of the world (rofl) are inept, fearful to the extreme, easily led/managed and very EASILY DEFEATED!

Even the likes of Mr Trilateral, Zbigniew Brzezinski, have missed the point, he’s a tad too old to really be a natural (post modernist). Underground forces whether they are aware of it or not are living a post modern REALITY as actors/forces/agents of CHANGE. If intellectually capable, Brzezinski would care to study the various social and other dynamics involved he may realise there’s no stopping these new forces with conventional, FBI, CIA, NSA, military etc, tactics or other ANTIQUATED, structuralist means.

Have criminal ruling elites not NOTICED how decentralised, amorphous forces, identified as ‘no-one/EVERYONE,’ present loosely structured but highly co-ordinated REAL threats to their jealously guarded, minority power ‘structures?’ That was a rhetorical question but never mind, cos it seems they have, but they haven’t seen the nano-half of it yet!

Chief FBI moron Robert Mueller’s recent address to Congress revealed that he imagines that cyber warriors will present the greatest threat to ruling civilian killing, mass murdering, terrorist Banking and Corporate CRIMINAL elites in the near future, he makes no attempt to hide who he actually serves -- thanks moron!

Mueller’s alarmism is justified but he failed to outline just how he intends to fight a phantasm that packs a punch. His assessment may indeed be accurate but has he ever tried to fight the wind or a shadow that ‘casts a human?’ I think not, cos he works for the government -- ROFL! Recall your school days and remember the fifth-rate morons that pursued government careers and you’ll get a VIVID picture of the imbeciles that are running this country into the ground, to utter RUIN in fact!

But it is of no consequence because every social dynamic is self-creating and defeating that is why – in a post modern world -- it is important not to be a structured, identifiable entity of any type; pure force/action/skill, NOT identifiable form, are required in this brave new cyberworld of digital warriors and skilled ‘technos.’

The corporate forces with which Mueller wishes to “connect”/work have already demonstrated they are VICTIMS of cyber warriors, especially the Corporates that feign IT security and intelligence gathering. ANONYMOUS has proven TIME AND AGAIN that these lumbering Corporates are run by lame, arrogant, incompetent DUNCES!

So please go ahead Mr FBI, we’re packing shit! [The tremors you feel are your own, lol!]

However, we can’t thank you enough for making it perfectly clear to the entire WORLD that you serve CORPORATE INTERESTS above the interests of the nation and people, you treasonous prick! No doubt there’ll be a nice position waiting for you in one of the Corporations you are now serving when you get thrown out of the FBI for incompetence!

It should now be obvious that the emerging world you fail to understand will vanquish you, or rather, YOU have FAILED to maintain viability, therefore as an antiquated species you face extinction – a very natural cycle! Now go fuck yourself, lamer!

Don’t forget to do your best, Mueller, the Banks and Corporates are depending on you – though your best doesn’t even rate on our scale.

Quote from the linked piece:
"We are losing money, we are losing data, we are losing ideas," he added. "Together [with Corporatists] we must find a way to stop the bleeding."

Best of luck, cos you have no chance -- drop a pebble into a pond and you may understand why.

We are MANY – we are ONE – We are UNSTOPPABLE!

[Salutations to ‘ferrite’ – the first but not the last… and greetz to all the crewz – we are the vanguard!]



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FBI broadens definition of terrorism
by jasper - 'nowhere' means now-here! Tuesday, Mar 13 2012, 8:04am

As the lame FBI broadens its definitions of 'terrorism' to include any individual or group that opposes Corporations, it faces a new much larger, CREATED nightmare.

[Formerly] 'above ground' peaceful groups will be forced underground and become more secretive and impossible to track -- they will emulate the highly SUCCESSFUL ANONYMOUS hacktivist 'mode(l)' in style and mode of operation, however, they of course will conduct their own specific type of attacks.

As more groups are targeted and become unjustly persecuted by oppressive fascist tactics they will have no choice but to go 'underground' and conduct stealth attacks -- going 'anonymous' and only becoming 'known' after the 'fact' will create far more headaches for Corporatist-serving regulators and puppet politicians -- who will also face higher risks of injury and assassination than before.

We could layout the entire future scenario but that would deprive government and elite lamers of the pleasure of imagining they actually thought of these measures themselves - lol! Anonymity means we are standing next to you as consultants, experts and advisors -- ya just can't trust anyone these days, can ya, Dave K?

So do your lame best, Mueller, you dumb FBI fuck! Ruling elites have ALWAYS sought expertise outside because they have none themselves -- and that is their UNDOING!

But it sounded so convincing and appeared perfectly coherent -- lmao!

Have a nice day, while you can!

Report follows:

Peaceful Anti-Fracking Activists Pursued by FBI as 'Eco-Terrorists'
by CommonDreams staff

In recent years, the broad definition of 'eco-terrorism' has come to include environmentalist activities ranging from arson to setting mink free at fur farms to protests in front of the homes of corporate executives. Environmental activists have seen increased imprisonment (including maximum security sentences) for non-violent crimes.

Now, as the FBI suggests that 'eco-terrorism' is in decline, the Washington Post reports that the FBI has increased heavy surveillance of environmentalists including anti-fracking protesters.

Will Potter, who's work exposes the growing expansion of governmental prosecution of environmental activists, comments, among others.

Juliet Eilperin at The Washington Post reports:

Ben Kessler, a student at the University of North Texas and an environmental activist, was more than a little surprised that an FBI agent questioned his philosophy professor and acquaintances about his whereabouts and his sign-waving activities aimed at influencing local gas drilling rules.

“It was scary,” said Kessler, who is a national organizer for the nonviolent environmental group Rising Tide North America. He said the agent approached him this past fall and said that the FBI had received an anonymous complaint and were looking into his opposition to hydraulic fracturing, also known as “fracking.” The bureau respected free speech, the agent told him, but was “worried about things being taken to an extreme level.”

Even as environmental and animal rights extremism in the United States is on the wane, officials at the federal, state and local level are continuing to target groups they have labeled a threat to national security, according to interviews with numerous activists, internal FBI documents and a survey of legislative initiatives across the country.

Iowa Gov. Terry Brandstad (R) signed a law this month, backed by the farm lobby, that makes it a crime to pose as an employee or use other methods of misrepresentation to get access to operations in an attempt to expose animal cruelty. Utah passed a similar bill, nicknamed an “ag-gag” law, on Wednesday. Last month, Victor VanOrden, an activist in his mid-20s, received the maximum sentence of five years in prison under a separate Iowa law for attempting to free minks from one of the state’s fur farms. [...]

“There’s been very little change under the Obama administration,” said Will Potter, author of the book “Green is the New Red: An Insider’s Account of a Movement Under Siege.” After factoring in several state initiatives on top of federal enforcement, Potter said, “The political climate as a whole has gotten a lot worse.”

In the past few years FBI agents have suggested District police monitor animal rights protests outside the Vanguard Group’s offices downtown because of its investment in a controversial animal testing facility, and they have mined a Web site, the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, for hints on upcoming activities, according to FBI documents obtained by Ryan Shapiro, an animal rights activist, through a series of Freedom of Information Act requests and other contacts. [...]

The FBI agent, David Rogers, told Kessler he started looking into him after receiving an anonymous tip. Rogers, along with a Dallas police officer, also approached Kessler’s philosophy professor, Adam Briggle, last month. Briggle, who chairs a citizens advisory group aimed at imposing new restrictions on rules governing gas drilling in the Denton area, said the two men spoke to him for half an hour about subjects including his course syllabus and the line between civil disobedience and terrorism.

“I don’t know how law enforcement works, but it seemed like a total fishing expedition to me,” Briggle said, adding that when they discussed the controversy surrounding fracking, “they pointed to the Pacific Northwest and how there’s a culture up there of eco-terrorism, and they wanted to keep it from spreading down here. . . . To have the FBI come in here and interrogate me as an academic, it was pretty off-putting.” [...]

[Ryan Shapiro, an animal rights activist] questioned this surveillance. He and four others are suing the federal government on the grounds that the American Enterprise Terrorism Act has a chilling effect on free speech, since they are now intimidated from “documenting conditions on factory farms so [consumers] can make informed choices about if they want to continue to pay people to abuse animals on their behalf.”

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