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The War on America
by jeff Saturday, Mar 10 2012, 10:27am
international / social/political / commentary

"A house divided cannot stand"

The USA has enshrined in its Constitution safeguards that should have prevented it falling into totalitarianism; I refer to the right of the people to bear arms and the Constitutional power invested in the population to remove any government – by force if necessary -- that subverts the values and principles upon which the nation was founded.

Yet we have a government that delights in offending the principles upon which this once free democracy was founded. The indefinite detention, without trial or charge, and the new (secretly selected victims) State assassination laws, are not only the most offensive assaults on the Constitution and due process, but are also the most heinous laws passed by any State in the history of the world!

Both ‘laws’ are rancorous, vile and offensive to the extreme and it is perplexing, to say the least, why a population commissioned to protect its democracy has allowed CRIMINALS to trash the Freedoms and Liberties guaranteed by our founding fathers. It seems that the (TSA) genitally groped population has momentarily forgotten that it has been charged with the responsibility of preserving and protecting the nation’s values!

Retired General Wesley Clark once referred to a “policy coup” having taken place in Washington; however, recent events paint a more sinister and bleaker picture.

The USA is under siege from within. The government has been completely captured by Corporate, Banking and other minority interests (AIPAC etc) that CLEARLY do not represent the people, American values or the Constitution – a document that was once referred to by a former President as ‘a piece of paper!’

All the illegal wars waged since the Balkans and the countless civilian casualties and misery these wars unnecessarily cause, are the direct result of Corporate and Banking interests seeking to dominate -- at any cost -- the entire world! Consider the nefarious character of the forces that would designate the entire earth a battlefield or war zone in order to disguise their criminal pursuits of plunder and the murder of anyone that opposes them. This heinous designation constitutes a sore affront to any creator God of beauty, harmony and peace.

"We have met the enemy... and he is us. [Wall Street]" It is time to remove the rot from our midst or face even greater peril at the hands of the most dastardly group of criminal sociopaths the US has ever produced.

Capable patriots must wake to their Constitutional responsibility and begin rectifying the situation; shooting the rodents in the White House and on Wall St would be an excellent start.

Make no mistake, America is at war -- with herself!

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