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by stylus Friday, Mar 9 2012, 8:53am
international / prose/poetry / literature

listen intently
until the mind,
bridled by concentration
and unyielding focus,
becomes the aural organ
instead of the ear.

when the mind listens
sound becomes liquid,
flowing and vibrating
rippling through space
plucking every neural cord
and resonating
in the brain,
-- swamped by aural stimuli --
a crescendo is reached
and a pulse shoots
through the crown
of the head
into the swirling,
infinite expanse

swim in that sound-stream
until the last vestige of identity
is lost,
until the last discordant
note is obliterated by
concordant vibrations

yield to that synchronised sound
until it becomes music,
an ecstatic symphony
of the spheres.

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