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Putin Wins, the People Lose
by uri Tuesday, Mar 6 2012, 8:19am
international / social/political / commentary

Much in the same way as Obama won the US presidency and the majority of Americans lost, Putin is set for six years of more corruption and self-interest. ‘Left’ media outlets and journos are falling over themselves in joyful glee over Putin’s victory; Pepe Escobar could hardly contain himself on RT (video below) over the outcome of the Russian elections but the hard facts remain, corruption and self-interest rule Russia; you should follow the money straight to Wall St, American and European Banks – including, of course, Putin’s own wealth, most of which is in Western Banks and financial institutions, choke on some real facts you deluded, political clowns!


Don’t talk to me about Russia’s (feigned) opposition to America – all bark and NO bite! Prior to every recent US/NATO CRIMINAL intervention (excluding Syria for good reasons) Washington consults with Moscow and gets the ok, regarding dividing up the spoils – ask the once free Libyan people how they feel about a Russian ally that sold them down the river in the face of the most flagrant NATO war crimes? Where were you during that outrageous criminal intervention and proxy assassination of its leader, you piece of dog shit, Putin?

On every occasion the US/NATO invades another sovereign nation to plunder valuable resources or for strategic advantage they consult Russia and get the ok; Libya will forever stand as a reminder of Russian corruption, duplicity and cowardice! [Are you also reading this, Hu – the Chinese dragon(fly)?]

There’s the ongoing matter of close Slavic cousin Serbia, whose heartland has been illegally excised by NATO/US and its former leader surrendered to the Hague kangaroo courts to die mysteriously while on trial -- where is the SUPPORT for Serbia TODAY, Putin, you Russian Chihuahua? It should never be forgotten that slavic Serbia is close cultural and ethnic cousin to Russia and a strong ally of China yet where are Russian leaders when allies are in need of support; counting their dirty money wired to secret western bank accounts prior to invasions? How naïve can you get, Escobar and the rest; and you should know better, Tony Cartalucci, you’re a bloody Aussie!

Misguided fools that believe leaders of powerful or resource rich nations are NOT in the pay/owned by nefarious elite cabals and plutocrats are living in an idealist’s dream world. Ask yourself the simple question, where is the REAL OPPOSITION to western Banking and Corporate interests -- bloody Putin is doing business with sworn enemies at the expense of close political allies – money doesn’t talk, it swears?

Remove all remaining doubts by taking a walk down video and documentary ‘lane’ and view some footage of former leaders of the USSR, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Cuba, India etc and see what real opposition to Western Imperialism looks like, you mindless morons!

The good news is the People have had enough!

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