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The Demented Diatribes of Servile Dunce Obama
by quill Saturday, Mar 3 2012, 1:37am
international / social/political / commentary

Obama’s latest speech to the party faithful in New York City last night betrayed the astounding degree to which the ruling American elite are separated from reality, the American population and the free citizens of the WORLD.

Whatever else this tap dancing clown’s remarks betrayed, no doubt whatsoever exists regarding the ever-widening chasm between the clearly insular plutocratic ruling elites and the PEOPLE of America and the WORLD.

puppet president
puppet president

Thinking people everywhere were staggered by Obama’s claims of ‘moral leadership’ in view of the flagrant civilian killing pursuit of his Drone war campaign and the continued TORTURE of political prisoners including prisoner of conscience, Bradley Manning! Should we add the public admission of culpability for the invasion of Libya and murder of Gaddafi by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, “we came, we saw, he died,” referring to the barbaric proxy assassination of Muammar Gaddafi and the ruination of his once debt-free, American bank-free, affluent African nation?

However, the highlight of the socio-pathological evening was revealed by servile puppet Obama during a response to an interjection from the audience regarding the possibility of war with Iran; Obama's response revealed the smug arrogance that has earned him and his nation its rapidly declining and deteriorating status in the WORLD today.

Some of his disconnected comments follow (with qualifiers.)

"We ended torture [above exceptions and others (illegal renditions and Guantanamo) noted], we promoted human rights" [by waging continuous war and killing countless INNOCENT CHILDREN and civilians in illegal wars for corporate profit AND passing the odorous INDEFINITE DETENTION, without trial or charge, into LAW!] "We made it clear that America is a Pacific power" [by imposing FIVE full scale military bases on SOVEREIGN Australia, making it a primary nuclear target!]

Obama had little, if any, positive news based in reality so he repeated the demented claim that the US (with its APPALLING bloody and murderous record over the past decade) "was leading again by the 'power of our moral’ example," [great example!] At that point an uninformed and clearly unaware woman from the audience interjected; referring to Obama’s ‘leadership,’ she asked that he assert it and prevent a war with Iran [notwithstanding puppet Obama does exactly what he’s TOLD by the plutocrats that placed him power!] Obama smugly retorted, "You're jumping the gun a little bit."

The message is clear! See for yourselves, video below:

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