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'Friends of Syria conference' SHAM Exposed
by harry H Thursday, Mar 1 2012, 6:08am
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Need the thinking world doubt it? The West's (proxy) intervention in Syria is now thoroughly exposed and no-one is buying the 'friends of Syria' SHAM conference. Amazingly, cowardly dog China and circus bear Russia remain steadfast in their opposition to any external interference in the affairs of sovereign Syria. However, the corporate ruled west desires another failed state in Syria along Libyan lines in order to advance their strategic ambitions in the Middle East. Once unified and debt-free, Libya is now completely 'Balkanised'/fragmented into dozens of powerless and arguing tribal fiefdoms, courtesy of NATO and the US. Internal divisions and bickering between tribal factions allows for easier corruption and 'management' as various warlords seek assistance from major powers. Meanwhile parasitic western banks, with reconstruction loans, and plundering transnational oil companies are having a field day in once debt-free, unified Libya -- now see if YOU can work out the true gambit of US and NATO criminal interventions around the globe!

Hillary Clinton's LIES fail to convince anyone
Hillary Clinton's LIES fail to convince anyone

The US/NATO has committed heinous war and other crimes against humanity in Libya and now seeks to repeat the failed state, regime change scenario in Syria.

Press TV video interview with Webster Tarpley follows:

Same Song in Yemen

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