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Obama Seeks to Dilute Indefinite Detention Law
by judd Wednesday, Feb 29 2012, 9:29pm
international / injustice/law / commentary

This is a pre-election political stunt to save retaliation from the States

Puppet president Obama, under instruction from Wall St and Corporatist ruling elites, has issued a [reversible] "Presidential Policy Directive" that prevents the new Indefinite Detention Law being applied to US citizens -- cold comfort for the FREE WORLD!


This politically expedient gesture is clearly designed to assist in his re-election as puppet president to the minority elites that placed him in office in the first instance -- they always want two terms from their servile puppets.

The indefinite detention law, which surpasses anything Stalin or the Nazis implemented into L-A-W, is anathema (in ANY FORM) to ALL FREEDOM LOVING PEOPLE EVERYWHERE -- let that be plainly stated! Those with a functioning brain easily see through this facile political tactic to prevent the States undermining this law via State legislation, as the State of Virginia has successfully done!

It is hoped Obama's tactic/'policy directive' would prevent other States asserting their 'State Rights,' as Virginia has done by enacting legislation to nullify corrupt central government edicts/laws.

Virginia's successful move is now being emulated by numerous other States in order to protect their citizens from the criminal powers that control Washington. [O, what tangled webs minority cabals weave when they practice to deceive and enslave.]

However, US vassal states like Canada, Australia and the rest do not fall under this new protection; their citizens continue to be unfair game for the criminally corrupt (Haditha exonerations) murdering US military. Australian citizen, Julian Assange, is a prime target at this time though his inevitable extradition to the USA must appear to be less dramatic than a rendition!

The issue is not whether the useless masses will react -- they passively allowed the law in the first instance -- it's whether the HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ANONYMOUS underground meet their objectives before the nefarious elites implement theirs! It has always been left to the CAPABLE FEW to alter the course of history -- don't we know it!

Be sure to have a nice day, nefarious elites, slaves and morons alike, you good for nothing oxygen wasters!

[Interestingly, the evil powers are about to release a pathogen (mutated bird flu) in the hope that it will solve the population problem for them -- whose cowardice and social paralysis is to blame for that, morons? You deserve to be foreclosed, starved, underpaid, debt-enslaved and now virally slaughtered, unless of course YOU decide your lives and the lives of your loved ones are worth FIGHTING FOR!]


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    Virginia Says No to Lawless Incarceration     David Swanson via fleet     Wed, Feb 29 2012, 9:45pm 

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