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Ben Roberts-Smith -- what 'You' know is what 'THEY' tell you!
by dasha Tuesday, Feb 28 2012, 10:50pm
international / peace/war / commentary

All militaries are in the business of INDOCTRINATION, not telling the TRUTH

In the wake of a backlash against mindless TV hosts ridiculing an undeniably brave though clearly misled Aussie soldier, comes the facile propaganda effort from the powers -- video below

Few would deny this man's bravery or dedication but in VIEW of OVERWHELMING FACTS available in the public domain, his efforts are clearly misplaced.

Ben Roberts-Smith
Ben Roberts-Smith

VC recipient, Ben Roberts-Smith, is a completely indoctrinated Australian soldier sent to fight illegal, civilian killing AMERICAN wars for Corporate PROFIT -- that is the REALITY on the ground; do YOU imagine the TRUTH would have any part in this man's indoctrination? Perhaps less steroids and human growth hormone and more research and social awareness may assist, Mr Ben Roberts-Smith.

Offending video segment here


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alive and well
by true blue Tuesday, Feb 28 2012, 11:59pm

like it or lump it, Aussie irreverence is alive and well, as this story highlights.

and the queen of England can FUCK OFF, too!

concerted hate campaign targeting TV hosts
by watson Monday, Mar 5 2012, 9:03pm

it is not too difficult to ascertain who is behind the latest internet attacks targeting shallow TV hosts on 'the circle' - but first understand they are in the job precisely because of, not in spite of, their shallowness and fickleness. But now there are more sinister forces at work.

the latest attacks are clearly CONCERTED and stem from co-ordinated military sources AND other agencies that have in their war bags software designed by the Americans that allows one user to create and manage up to 500 Facebook and other social networking accounts!

these purpose built software packages have been used successfully to 'steer' social revolutions in other countries and cause widespread chaos, unrest and discontent.

Aussies are characteristically irreverent and understand the mentalities of morning TV hosts across the entire media spectrum -- specific targeting is quite revealing and is easily identified as planned and concerted attacks from a small source feigning a broader spectrum.

Be aware and beware - these are pure American propaganda and SOCIAL ENGINEERING tricks - the aussie cultural disposition here applies, the bulk of the population don't give a shit and that is what gives the game away.

better luck next time, seppo and military arseholes.

as previously stated, few would deny VC medalist, Smith's courage dedication and valour; notwithstanding he's been severely misled, indoctrinated and brainwashed, AS ALL SOLDIERS ARE! We should not be fighting America's illegal, CIVILIAN KILLING, Corporate wars for financial PROFIT -- it's just not the Aussie way!

we also have other technical means of identifying and verifying the source of these concerted attacks.

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