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Ben Roberts-Smith -- what 'You' know is what 'THEY' tell you!
by dasha Tuesday, Feb 28 2012, 10:50pm
international / peace/war / commentary

All militaries are in the business of INDOCTRINATION, not telling the TRUTH

In the wake of a backlash against mindless TV hosts ridiculing an undeniably brave though clearly misled Aussie soldier, comes the facile propaganda effort from the powers -- video below

Few would deny this man's bravery or dedication but in VIEW of OVERWHELMING FACTS available in the public domain, his efforts are clearly misplaced.

Ben Roberts-Smith
Ben Roberts-Smith

VC recipient, Ben Roberts-Smith, is a completely indoctrinated Australian soldier sent to fight illegal, civilian killing AMERICAN wars for Corporate PROFIT -- that is the REALITY on the ground; do YOU imagine the TRUTH would have any part in this man's indoctrination? Perhaps less steroids and human growth hormone and more research and social awareness may assist, Mr Ben Roberts-Smith.

Offending video segment here

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