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Data Control: Corporate Claims Copyright of Birds Singing in the Wild
by tim Monday, Feb 27 2012, 10:05pm
international / imperialism / commentary

A 'Youtuber' was unpleasantly surprised by claims from a media corp that he had breached copyright of birds singing in the wild! With SOPA, PIPA and ACTA frenzies across the globe a taste of things to come perhaps.

Be aware that this instance, though it was retracted by the OFFENDING corporation today, tomorrow it would be enforced (rightly or wrongly) by the Corporations that are steadily gaining COMPLETE control over western governments and western 'LAW.'

If this example of BIG BROTHER Corporatism doesn't alarm you, then you deserve the horrific future THEY have planned for you. We already have permanent war and indefinite detention on SUSPICION, without trial or charge! Are we feeling uncomfortable yet, you mindless morons?

From various reports:

It's a harmless enough video... In the background, some native birds tweet their approval...

just hours after he posted it on his [Youtube] channel, he was told by YouTube that he was using copyrighted material. Huh?

Apparently the wild birds singing in the background of the video are Rumblefish's [media corporation] exclusive intellectual property."

Yes, Rumblefish assured everybody, that's 'our' birdsong. [Though it clearly was NOT!]

Be afraid, sheeple, very afraid -- you can always STOP the machine people, but that requires balls, you unspeakable COWARDS!
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