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Gillard Retains Party Leadership, 71 to 31
by polly Sunday, Feb 26 2012, 10:22pm
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In a largely anti-climactic outcome today the Labor caucus voted 71 to 31 in favour of Juliar Gillard retaining the leadership of the governing Labor Party. Leadership challenger Kevin 'photo-op' Rudd was left holding his hand-mirror for comfort.

Insular Gillard has very little to smile about
Insular Gillard has very little to smile about

However, we all know it won't end here, as Gillard hopes; she now faces an uphill challenge to perform SUCCESSFULLY or be dumped, perhaps that was the strategy behind Rudd's challenge in the first instance. The entire affair has cost national and State Labor dearly and has applied even more pressure on universally detested LIAR, and Washington doormat, Gillard.

In a surprise move, CIA friendly Mark Arbib, a Labor faction leader that helped topple Rudd in the coup of 2010, handed in his resignation today after supporting Gillard. It seems he never recovered from the CIA slur delivered by WikiLeaks.

He would have been far better off OPENLY knee-walking to the murdering yanks in the tradition set by John Howard and followed assiduously by the likes of Stephen Smith, Rudd and Gillard -- the yanks like their performing puppets OPENLY servile!

No Illusions

The stark political reality remains, Gillard has all the appeal of a fish market drain and has NO HOPE of turning the political tide against her. Stabbing the Oz public in the back over the Carbon Tax sealed her fate. Nevertheless, Bankers and Corporatists got what THEY wanted, so much for democracy, Juliar -- the PEOPLE can't wait!

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