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The Physiology of Mystic Rapture
by sadh Sunday, Feb 26 2012, 10:06am
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We need to be very clear on a principal issue before proceeding and that is, there is no God outside human experience, in other words ALL knowledge of God or Divine Ecstasy falls within HUMAN experience. We are now ready to explore the human experience of direct communication with 'God' otherwise known as mystic rapture.

Mystics rhapsodise endlessly about the bliss of 'divine' union, especially the mystic poets. Written accounts throughout the world are remarkably similar, it seems that 'divine' union is an experience common to all mankind regardless of cultural, national and geographic barriers.

Now consider the mechanisms involved in this mystical experience; a body-mind complex, emotion and awareness. Also bear in mind that one of the oldest extant Yoga manuals (Patanjali, 600 BC) refers to drugs -- which act on the body and mind in turn -- as a legitimate means of inducing mystical experience and as we know bodies and minds are not rare or 'other-worldly, divine' commodities.

We needn't delve too deeply into human anatomy, we only need mention the central nervous system, nerve ganglia, spine, brain and hormone producing endocrine glands as playing the primary roles in these experiences.

Now consider the nature of sexual orgasm, rhythmic nervous excitation leading to a synchronised neural discharge from the brain right through the body to the sacral plexus at the root of the genitals -- most would describe orgasm as a highly pleasurable sensation bordering on the ecstatic.

The exact same energy and internal bio-mechanisms that deliver sexual orgasm to the brain also deliver 'divine' ecstasies in the brain. The difference is that libido is conserved, stored then redirected by/in the nerve ganglia and spontaneously moved 'upward' along the spine to the brain rather than take its usual course during sexual discharge. Note that sexual excitation is common to all mammals, there is absolutely nothing other-worldly, mystical or 'divine' about these experiences -- feel free to 'get over' organised religion/slavery!

With some mental and physical training the vital libido/life force is easily harnessed and made to rise up through the ganglia into the spine and on to the brain in a series of rhythmic, ecstatic pulses or discharges. Understand, I am not referring to brain or mind induced sexual orgasms -- this experience exceeds the pleasures of sexual orgasm a thousand fold and is not characterised by any fluid discharge!

The means by which any human is potentially able to commune directly with their 'God' are simple, NATURAL and very straight forward; the quieting of the mind's endless chatter results in rhythmic 'synchronisation' with the breathing and subtle neural energy flows in the body -- all perfectly natural processes. Success is usually achieved after approximately nine months of dedicated, persistent and regular practice. There are no mysteries regarding 'God' or this very human experience -- we are 'purpose-built' for these experiences.

I suggest choosing an agreeable (to you) form of meditation for stilling the mind, 'watching' the breath is recommended; I also recommend reducing the diet to a low protein vegetarian diet, which reduces 'pressure' on the need for sexual gratification -- simple.

See you all in Paradise, no-one is excluded!


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