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The Broader Implications of the Bradley Manning Case
by staff report via stan - SMH Friday, Feb 24 2012, 11:03am
international / injustice/law / other press

When criminals place the JUST on trial know THAT civilisation ends!

It should be noted at the outset that INVERTING JUSTICE and the moral right with these kangaroo proceedings against brave, homosexual whistleblower, Bradley Manning, will not 'cut-it' in ANY future historical context -- the case should actually be against the US military for civilian killing and other war crimes, which Manning exposed to the WORLD in the hope that the MORAL MAJORITY would be outraged and DEMAND action against the clearly criminally corrupt (Haditha massacre etc) US military! But alas the US population is a DEAD, paralysed, MORAL LOSS; as is, it seems, the entire FREE WORLD and that is THE major disappointment of this case.

Bradley Manning facing life imprisonment for exposing the Truth
Bradley Manning facing life imprisonment for exposing the Truth

If WE the FREE (yes free you mental slaves) moral majority allow the proven criminally corrupt, murdering US military to crucify Manning for exposing systemic CRIMINAL ACTIVITY in the military then what of our status as responsible, moral human beings? Ask yourselves that question because it is VITALLY IMPORTANT FOR THE FUTURE of CIVILISED SOCIETY in general, is it not?

There is MUCH to lose if we allow tortured (perhaps broken) Manning to go down without a MASSIVE show of OUTRAGE from the PEOPLE!

The least we can do is appeal to our local politicians and voice our strongest objections regarding this absurd Alice in Wonderland inversion of the LAW. The legal PROFESSION has also forgotten its MORAL obligation regarding this case. It is a sad day in the history of the 'civilised' world when these proceedings are allowed to proceed without massive protests from the GLOBAL population.

I kid you not, if we do not curtail and eliminate the clearly criminal forces engaged in crucifying whistleblower and truth teller, Manning today, then QUITE CLEARLY it WILL be YOU/me as victim tomorrow!

The plans of the criminal forces at work today are clear; the entire WORLD faces a totalitarian nightmare if it remains passive and complacent, of that be assured!

Brave young Bradley Manning, who his lawyers have unwisely chosen to portray as a troubled, gender confused poof -- when in FACT he is a prisoner of CONSCIENCE -- may indeed go down today, but tomorrow it will be YOU, make no mistake! There is a HUGE price to pay for ignoring flagrant STATE CRIME. Now go fuck yourselves you unspeakable gutless wonders -- and that includes every mainstream journalist in the western world, you are ALL a thorough DISGRACE!

I appeal to those few ethical, moral and SENTIENT human beings with a CONSCIENCE to make every effort and agitate, in every conceivable manner and in as many geographic locations as possible; this case against Manning must be exposed as the kangaroo farce and CRIME that it is!

Perhaps the WORLD may then see fit to PROSECUTE the REAL WAR CRIMINALS in the US MILITARY. For Christ's fuckin' sake, I have never been more disgusted with the human race in my life!

SMH report follows:

Manning defers plea

Army private Bradley Manning has declined to enter a plea to charges he engineered the biggest leak of classified information in US history.

Manning also deferred a choice of whether to be tried by a military jury or judge alone.

Military judge Colonel Denise Lind presided over the 50-minute hearing at Fort Meade near Baltimore. She did not set a trial date but scheduled another court session for March 15-16.

Defence lawyer David Coombs proposed a trial date some time in April. He said the government's proposed calendar could push the start of the trial to August 3, which could jeopardise his client's right to a speedy trial.

Manning has been in pretrial confinement since May 2010. He faces 22 counts, including aiding the enemy. That charge carries a maximum penalty of life in prison. The others carry a combined maximum of more than 150 years. The 24-year-old from Oklahoma allegedly gave the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks more than 700,000 documents and video clips.

Defence lawyers say Manning was emotionally troubled and should not have had access to classified material nor been sent to Iraq for a tour of duty.

A court-martial defendant can defer entering a plea until the start of the trial and defer choosing a judge or jury until shortly before the trial date.

Doing so could buy the defence more time to investigate the background of prospective jurors or negotiate a deal, said Eugene Fidell, a former Coast Guard judge advocate who teaches law at Yale.

The hearing - officially the start of Manning's court martial - was more formal than his December preliminary hearing in the same courtroom.

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Today we have the ABSURD situation of a proven criminal organisation -- the US military -- placing an innocent man on trial for REVEALING the TRUTH. This appalling situation occurs not because criminals have enhanced their abilities but because the PEOPLE have ALLOWED criminals a free hand.

Of course criminals being what they are, take FULL ADVANTAGE and return the favour by implementing LAWS allowing the same criminal military the discretionary power to INCARCERATE anyone on suspicion without trial or charge INDEFINITELY -- that is YOUR reward, you lame, pathetic, COWARDS!

Let it so be recorded for future generations and posterity; not everyone in the early 21st century succumbed to the facile propaganda and mindless, IMMORALITY that swept the GLOBE like a plague.

One need not be a forensic historian to realise that it must end badly, as it has on many previous occasions throughout history; the difference today, however, is that humanity has the ability to end it completely.

So I have a suggestion, just sit back and watch innocent (children) being slaughtered around the globe by the criminal powers and principalities -- remain complacent and subservient to the evil forces that have crucified TRUTH and PEACE and all that was once considered good and righteous; watch passively as that evil replaces all that WAS good with permanent war ('persistent conflict'), unbridled greed, selfishness, mayhem, wanton destruction, social oppression and social SLAVERY.

And when it INEVITABLY affects YOU, just passively ACCEPT your 'REWARD!'

Of course WE are ALWAYS able to change course in an INSTANT; a good start is a JUST CAUSE and Bradley Manning PRESENTS THAT OPPORTUNITY -- I leave YOU to your well earned fate, one way or the other!

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