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Prelude to Release of Lab-mutated 'Armageddon' Virus
by typhoid tom Sunday, Feb 19 2012, 11:55pm
international / health related / commentary

They tried previously with a swine and bird flu combo virus but failed -- this time they have it!

If two previous exposed attempts to create a deadly GLOBAL pandemic with lab-tweaked viruses over the past decade hadn't failed and received so much media attention this latest lab-created mutation of the bird flu virus -- easily infecting humans -- wouldn't have attracted my attention. However, we must ask why so much energy and funds have been directed toward creating this "Armageddon virus," as is it popularly known, in the first instance? It is plain to see that certain sick bastards are ready to release this man-made plague on humanity, probably this year.

David Rockefeller, sick bastard!
David Rockefeller, sick bastard!

The World Health Organisation (WHO, a financially dependent body) has recently approved open PUBLICATION of the scientific procedure used to create this, lethal to humans, virus; by so doing blame for any future release would be difficult to apportion to any single body or group, open publication conveniently provides the nefarious psychopaths that funded the creation of this virus with the COVER they require to pursue their insane eugenics plan for an unsuspecting human race!

The lunatics behind (financial) the development of this virus consider 500 million to be the ideal population for the entire globe, so it's goodbye to BILLIONS of souls -- at least that is what they hope. But history in this area indicates that at least one third of humanity is naturally resistant to any lethal pathogen and go on to survive AND hang the bastards that released it! Rockefeller foundations and supported enterprises are a good start. David Rockefeller is on record (search this site and Youtube) actually verifying his eugenics philosophy and revealing world population plans!

Be advised humanity, by allowing vast wealth to remain in the hands of too few people the result is those few, over generations, begin to imagine they are Gods, and I'm not joking -- large amounts of money corrupt, thoroughly!

These people are truly sick, text book sociopaths with textbook psychoses. Be advised and do not forget to pursue and hang them ALL if the virus THEY paid to create is released!

Be also advised; TRACE everyone (particularly backers and fund providers) INVOLVED in this PROJECT NOW, before they create pandemonium and attempt to disappear behind publication camouflage.

Oz ABC radio transcript follows -- note the not so subtle obfuscation already in play:

ELEANOR HALL: After months of controversy, the World Health Organization has decided to allow the publication of controversial research into bird flu.

The disease remains a huge problem in countries from Indonesia to Egypt.

Now scientists in The Netherland and the United States have made versions of the virus which could potentially spread more easily between humans.

There were calls for the research to be kept secret, but the WHO has decided it is in the public interest to release it, as Meredith Griffiths reports.

MEREDITH GRIFFITHS: When the H5N1 strain of bird flu has been contracted by humans, more than 60 per cent of those people have died.

That makes it one of the most lethal strains of flu ever detected.

Dr Graham Burgess is a microbiologist at James Cook University.

GRAHAM BURGESS: You've got to consider that if it hit Australia you are going to lose over a million people and you are going to have probably a pretty significant proportion of the remainder of the population very, very sick possibly needing respirators and so forth and there is absolutely no way that we have that sort of gear in our hospitals so yeah, it's going to be pretty serious.

MEREDITH GRIFFITHS: Luckily, so far it has been very difficult for H5N1 to pass from animals to humans, and it hasn't been transmitted from person to person.

But two separate sets of scientists have been trying to work out what changes would need to take place for the virus to be passed between humans.

Dr Burgess says such research is extremely important

GRAHAM BURGESS: What this has been able to do is identify each of the individual changes that needs to occur and allow us to document those changes so that if we see those in nature we have got a much better idea of how much importance we should put on those strains.

MEREDITH GRIFFITHS: Working with ferrets, the teams in the US and The Netherlands have been able to create versions of the virus which can be passed from one ferret to another, and which have very high mortality rates.

That's raised concerns.

Dr Burgess says the labs didn't have sufficiently high security.

GRAHAM BURGESS: These have now reached the stage where they are dangerous to the people in the laboratory but if they get out into the community they could potentially sweep through the community and produce massive challenges so we need to have these in a much higher level of security.

The other one is that having worked out how to do it, you have essentially provided somebody with a blueprint to take what is a pretty bad virus and make it into something rather horrific and that is one of the debates as well, should you be telling people how to, essentially how to make a bomb?

MEREDITH GRIFFITHS: Do you see that as being quite a high risk that some sort of terrorist group or someone would try to get hold of this information?

GRAHAM BURGESS: You can never underestimate what people will do when they are trying to be desperate about what they're doing but I think the thing is it is a fairly logical set of steps and if somebody really knows what they're doing, a number of these biological, potential biological weapons could be developed and I think the information is probably already out there. The terrorists, if they really are keen, they'll get the right people and they'll be able to do it anyway.

MEREDITH GRIFFITHS: It seems the public benefits of sharing that research outweigh the risk it will be misused.

An expert panel convened by the World Health Organization has decided the research should be published in full.

But the panel said that shouldn't happen until it has increased public awareness and understanding, and reviewed issues of bio-safety and bio-security.

Microbiologist Graham Burgess says that's the right decision

GRAHAM BURGESS: Now if you know how serious it is, it may actually elevate it in importance and we may actually spend some money.

MEREDITH GRIFFITHS: He says all the changes synthesised by the scientists have shown up in nature, just never all at once.

Since 2003, the H5N1 strain of bird flu has infected 584 people and killed 345.

ELEANOR HALL: Meredith Griffiths.

Copyright applies to ABC material.

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See Rockefeller's eugenics videos here.

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