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Kevin Rudd the "psychopathic" Spoiler
by baz Sunday, Feb 19 2012, 8:20pm
international / social/political / commentary

Former PM and current 'infantile spoiler,' Kevin ‘non-event-photo op’ Rudd, is a psychopath, narcissist and ego-obsessed, according to ALP political insiders. The member for Bendigo, Steve Gibbons -- destined to lose his job if Gillard remains as leader -- was allocated the task of publicly articulating the sentiments of more than half the sitting Labor Party. Well, tell the Oz public something they don’t know!

Kevin ‘yes rupert’ Rudd, was initially chosen for the job in large part precisely because of, not in spite of, his psychopathologies; he is more concerned with a photo opportunity and whether his hair dryer is functioning than national leadership and policy.

Rudd displayed his thorough ineptitude as a national leader while in office, achieving NOTHING of any substance of his own volition; even stimulus spending, touted to be a credit to the former leader, was a Banker ordered policy which Rudd dutifully carried out – put simply and accurately, Kevin Rudd is a political NON-EVENT chosen for the job by Murdoch and other elite forces because of his public appeal and compliance to the powers.

Today however, Rudd is a lose cannon, he has earned the ire of the elites and is no longer under their control; ruling financial elites have very unwisely supported sickeningly servile, Washington doormat – FIVE full scale nuclear armed US bases on Oz soil -- JuLIAR ‘Goldman Tax’ Gillard as leader. This is the woman that attempted to grant corporate bosses the legal privilege of snooping on the private emails and other digital communications of their employees when Labor first gained office – ‘know them by their fruits,’ Gillard’s subservient behaviour to her real bosses is no surprise to any commentator or analyst with a memory. Perhaps their next choice would have mastered the skills of grovelling while APPEARING to be a nationalist leader, a ‘skill’ former PM John Howard possessed in some measure.

Rudd is quite literally, ‘hell-bent’ on vengeance and his pathology will ensure that he stops at nothing to achieve his goal – the man should have been sacked at the start but COWARDICE also plagues the Labor Party, which is more concerned with internal political wrangling than public support, imbeciles!

The point I am making is that neither Rudd nor Gillard have the required public support to save the Party from a horrendous defeat. However, a brave, radical and vital leader from within the ranks may indeed be able to capture the spirit of the nation once again and lead the Party to victory; a leader that articulates the wishes of the MAJORITY OF AUSTRALIANS rather than serve the corrupt, criminal MINORITY that has hijacked Australia’s DEMOCRACY – I of course refer to Banker and Corporate elites that dictate policy to ‘OUR’ governments these days.

Consider this very feasible possibility; it would just be too easy for a fair dinkum Aussie leader to assume power; the people are screaming for REAL REPRESENTATIVE leaders all over the western world but none are to be found in the ranks of existing (bought) political parties!

What say YOU, fellow AUSTRALIANS?

[Give ‘em a wake up call, boycott the major (owned) parties and VOTE representative INDEPENDENTS to office. RESTORE DEMOCRACY to SOVEREIGN Australia.]

Return this glorious nation to the people, disseminate this article to patriotic Aussies everywhere.

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