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The IMMORAL Majority
by jude Sunday, Feb 19 2012, 6:03am
international / human rights / opinion/analysis

Don’t kid yourselves, Americans are brutal and stupid the world knows, but they are NOT stupid to the point of falling for a repeat performance of the Iraq war ruse on Iran; do you also imagine that Americans fell for the ‘humanitarian intervention’ a la Kosovo style in Libya? Right again, almost a perfect repeat performance of the LIES that led to the illegal excision of Kosovo from sovereign Yugoslavia and the largest American military base of occupation (Bondsteel) in continental Europe. The LAW is meaningless where civilian killing America is concerned AND EVERY AMERICAN KNOWS IT!


This sick, criminal nation is attempting to trade relative world peace for PERMANENT WAR and destabilisation and to prove the point it has engaged in the open war crime of killing civilians with Drone strikes on almost a daily basis, for the past five years! Yes indeed, Americans are a breed apart that is sure, they are acutely aware of their government's crimes but take the arrogant cultural view of Washington, who is gonna stop us? Very American! We’ll guess who, MORONS?

Granted, a tiny fraction of Americans could be considered as moral and civilised but the rest are COMPLICIT in THEIR government’s crimes, make no mistake.

No-one on this planet could misinterpret Obama granting the criminally corrupt American military – Haditha child murderers virtually exonerated -- the right to detain ANYONE they wish without trial or charge INDEFINITELY, that law is so retrogressive it almost defies comprehension BUT it was passed into LAW without so much as a whimper from the masses.

I have been criticised on previous occasions for stating the obvious; however, on this occasion it is necessary. I am calling a spade a spade and a complicit criminal population that hides behind its bloodied flag, COWARDS!

Where were YOU when medical embargos resulted in the deaths of over 500,000 INNOCENT Iraqi children, a result the then Secretary of State openly claimed was “worth it!” I ask ALL murdering reprehensible AMERICAN, cowardly scum to recall Jesus Christ’s attitude to children, he compared HIS Kingdom to an innocent child -- similar to those murdered by YOU in Iraq, and before that, Indo-China.

While we’re on the subject of religion, it is clear that Americans wouldn’t know Jesus’ teaching if they choked on it! Jesus detested wealth, bankers (money changers) corrupt ruling elites, all forms of temporal power, INJUSTICE and UNFAIRNESS.

Be branded the reprehensible, hypocritical scumbags you are; where was the American population when then Secretary of State, Albright, declared that murdering over half a million innocent children “was worth it!” The world would like to know, America, WORTH WHAT? WHERE WERE YOU THEN, ARSHOLES, hiding behind a flag with more INNOCENT blood on it than any other flag in existence, FACT?

I’m showing you up for what you ARE and calling you by name, a NATION of IMMORAL, reprehensible, criminal SCUM.

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