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Eternity (and Fleeting Moments)
by fray Friday, Feb 17 2012, 8:40am
international / prose/poetry / literature


where would
we seek continuity
what form would it/we take?

would we discover it
in vacuous
formalised religions,
cultural conventions and social protocols,
or in transient pleasures,
fleeting sensual gratification;
or in temporary achievements/failures
do these things endure –
do they really satisfy
our inherent need for everlasting?

did we, as complex physical, mental
and spiritual BEings
appear from nothing –
every school kid knows that something
cannot emanate from nothing?
are we not already part of living creation,
continuous manifestations
of infinity at play?

have we been fooled into
believing in beginnings and endings
when infinity,
which encompasses everything,
is measureless,
without start or end?

i learnt in Central Australia
from indigenous tribes
how to jettison time and space
and enter the dreaming/continuity;
how to navigate between seen and unseen
how to hear the roar of butterfly wings
creating cyclones
that blow ‘white’ illusions away.

i became myself again
and saw my reflection in a
pond next to a perfect image of the moon
which a frog dispersed, plop!
but i remained
tho my image
was shattered by an amphibian leap.

i endured but my delusions were easily

i traversed that solarised desert landscape
of dreams, spirits, singing stones,
rivers of light
and ageless beings, who seemed to know me well,
until i discovered
my enduring quality;
it is comprised of
Harmony, Peace and Love
-- in equal parts --
forming an indestructible
Perfection that is inseparable from

one day another amphibian
able to breathe both light and dark
will destroy
the image that you imagine i am;
if you wish to find me
use your Love,
its wings will deliver you safely to
me and everlasting.

[until we meet again, i entrust
the sweetest Peace to You.

listen for me in the wind
and remember
‘white’ cultural realities/illusions
only make paper rafts which are
supremely unsuitable for the swirling,
cosmic seas
of Eternity.]


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