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'Global Square' equals Global phishing Net
by phiz Thursday, Feb 16 2012, 8:20am
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In principle an international platform from which activists could collaborate and discuss various issues and plan actions is a good idea but the current model reeks of the 'man' attempting to locate and net the growing hacktivist army of INVISIBLE/ANONYMOUS hackers -- it is this group that really has the man on the ropes so every effort will be made to locate and capture rogue crewz, solos and groups -- be aware and beware!

glamour boy anti-hacker, Assange
glamour boy anti-hacker, Assange

It seems like a good idea but things are not always what they seem.

Consider for instance the proposed mapping or LOCATING feature and its connection to smartphones -- already monitored by the man -- and you get the picture, NAILED!

Few elite hackers and no Uber hackers would go near this phishing net project.

WikiLeaks is beginning to show its petticoat, the proposed project stinks!

Do better next time, won't you?

We are MANY -- We are ONE -- we are UNSTOPPABLE (and INVISIBLE!)

[What a lame attempt to net anonymous crewz and solos! Besides, we already have a global tube network using existing protos, morons!]

Story from PC World follows:
Activist-backed Online Collaboration Platform Due for Release in March
by John Ribeiro, IDG News

The Global Square, an online global collaboration platform for activists backed by WikiLeaks among others, plans to have a functional prototype by March, its sponsors said.

Styled on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, The Global Square, targeted at activists and the global community, will be developed around Tribler peer-to-peer technology.

By using this particular existing P2P technology it becomes virtually impossible to break or censor the network, The Global Square said in a statement earlier this week. "The content files are not centralized in any physical server, so the network belongs to its users," it said.

The project has called for volunteer coders and developers to help implement the features planned for the new platform, which will be open-source and multilingual.

WikiLeaks said in November that The Global Square would be an online platform for its movement.

Some activists said last year that there was a need for a global square "where people of all nations can come together as equals to participate in the coordination of collective actions and the formulation of common goals and aspirations".

Some of the tools for the platform will be an interactive map that lists all ongoing assemblies around the world, search options allowing users to find squares, events, and working-groups, an aggregated news feed, a public and private messaging system, and a forum for public debate and voting on specific decisions.

The project will start with a standalone PC application followed by a smartphone application later in the year. The team will use the Agile software development methodology, focusing on one feature or module for a few weeks, conduct tests, and do a release, and then focus on the next feature.

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