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US Invading Syria by Proxy -- it worked in Libya!
by Tony Cartalucci via stele - Land Destroyer blog Sunday, Feb 12 2012, 8:34pm
international / imperialism / other press

US "prepares military options" to back terrorists in Syria

Before proceeding to Tony Cartalucci's accurate description of recent events, shouldn't populations everywhere that possess a sense of morality and functioning consciences/minds take note and begin making efforts to save themselves and their respective nations/societies by at least VOTING INDEPENDENTS into high office? Major political parties throughout the world have been purchased by CRIMINAL elites, plain to see -- it is THEY who are responsible for the ALL the wars, murder and destruction since the Balkans! Surely the first option AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE is to VOTE REAL representative independents into Office. Sincere social leaders that promise to separate minority criminal cabals from their money by nationalising the banks and RESTORING LAW, ORDER and placing ALL war and financial criminals on TRIAL for their CRIMES, including members of previous ruling administrations and governments. Representatives with remedial policies such as these should be supported by everyone. Everyone must exercise their DEMOCRATIC PREROGATIVES and VOTE the current crop of CRIMINALS out of office.

We can ALL help rout the MINORITY, CRIMINAL filth from our midst -- we all know who they are. Zero tolerance MUST be applied to leaders that renege on pledges, LIE and gain office by deception, as most sitting leaders around the globe have done TODAY -- chuck them out of office on their ears and place them on TRIAL, they cannot fight the majority!

The responsibility of maintaining a healthy society rests with all of us. We have seen the result of ignoring the crimes of our leaders, MORE CRIME and MAYHEM!

Do not think for a minute it will not affect you, the criminal minority are steadily taking control of all regulatory, judicial, media and information State apparatuses. History affords us all a perfect example of a nation led to RUIN by the masses ignoring the crimes of their leaders -- HAVE WE ALL FORGOTTEN NAZI GERMANY and the fate of the German people, so soon?

The nefarious forces at work today are no different to the thugs, murderers and criminals of Nazi Germany, in fact they are much worse! Begin the restoration at the POLLS, disregard all the Corporate media hype and the absurd narrowing down to two (owned and selected) candidates -- VOTING INDEPENDENT at ALL TIMES is a good start and if they rig the elections, HANG 'EM!

Article follows:

After world opinion categorically denied Wall Street, London and NATO a replay of the Libyan destruction in Syria -- with Russia and China leading the opposition to a planned escalation and overt NATO military intervention -- the corporate-financier media led by CNN, and in particular CIA-asset Anderson Cooper, has conducted a non-stop propaganda campaign based entirely on "rebel information/advice" centered around the Syrian city of Homs. Journalistic integrity and neutrality have been shamelessly abandoned, evident by CNN headlines reading, "Ruthless Assad rides wave of slaughter." [Typically deceptive, 'hysterical' media overkill!]

Every claim is punctuated by "rebels/activists say," with passionate pleas for NATO to rain Libya-style death and destruction upon Syria from alleged "rebel/activists" on the phone with CNN's Anderson Cooper, "english-speaking activists" who could just as easily be in the adjacent room at CNN's studio or in London, as in Homs. CNN and other corporate-media outlets have categorically failed to provide substantial, verified evidence of their most recent narrative.

It is a narrative to dupe the West once again into what is essentially a naked military conquest operating behind the tenuous fig leaf of "responsibility to protect" (R2P).

But even at face value, CNN reported "clashes" and video footage of armed militants waving the "Free Syrian Army" flag while operating armored vehicles and brandishing weapons of war are at best orchestrated. One could scarcely imagine any Western nation, faced with armed rebel militants terrorizing their city streets, not responding with full military force; especially with historical examples such as the siege in Waco, Texas where US government forces ruthlessly killed 76 including over 20 children for much lesser crimes than sedition, treason, and openly declared foreign-backed armed-insurrection.

In fact, all the Davidians of Waco, Texas were convicted of possessing "illegal weapons" and using them when attacked by armed federal agents - a far cry form the "Free Syrian Army" (FSA) who not only possess illegal weapons of war, but are using them to terrorize and violently overthrow the sovereign government of Syria by forcibly seizing civilian populated districts among other tactics. The FSA immediately follow their verbal threats with pure acts of terror, bombs that tear through civilian districts in the Syrian capital of Damascus and other violent attacks on security forces are now commonplace.

With the deceit and appalling criminality of NATO's feigned 'humanitarian campaign' in Libya still fresh in the mind of world opinion, the global corporate-financier elite media paraded globalist warmonger Ann-Marie Slaughter almost around the clock on CNN, in an attempt to compare events in Syria with "Kosovo" -- an intervention NATO hopes many are unfamiliar with and will accept more readily as a "justified" and "successful" takeover, which was nevertheless orchestrated and completely illegal.

However, just like in Libya, the corporate-financiers peddling this war are not pursuing a humanitarian agenda, quite the contrary. They are fully arming, supporting, harboring, financing, and directing listed foreign terrorist organizations inside Syria to conduct an invasion by proxy.

In fact, it is confirmed that the very same Libya Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), on record having killed US troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan before returning to Libya to receive full UN, US, and NATO backing to overthrow Qaddafi, are now on the border of Syria operating under the auspices of NATO members including Turkey!

Now, open calls by the same familiar "elected" US representatives such as John McCain and Joe Lieberman, are being made to side-step the global corporate-financier's own contrived international institutions, including the UN Security Council, and unilaterally meddle in Syria's externally orchestrated conflict supported by foreign-funded "opposition" armed and backed by foreign powers to act as a proxy army in Syria.

Just as in Libya, Wall Street and London with or without a UN resolution plan to fully fund, arm, back, and support, first covertly, then overtly with military force a mixture of domestic traitors in Syria's US-funded opposition and foreign mercenaries like Libya's LIFG terror organization to invade and overthrow the government of Syria. This will be done at any cost, just as in Libya, international law will be avoided by using the facade the UN conveniently provides, just as was done in Libya, until either the West is tactically defeated, or overwhelmed by growing international awareness and anger over the imperialist invasion "R2P," racket.


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US plan-B after UN veto on Syria -- Deploy al-Qaeda!
by Tony Cartalucci via stan - Land Destroyer blog Sunday, Feb 12 2012, 10:11pm

It is now a matter of established public record that the "Libyan rebels" were in fact led by the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) an al-Qaeda affiliate, listed by the US State Department (page 1) as a "Foreign Terrorist Organization." Nevertheless, these terrorists were funded, armed, trained, and politically recognized by the US, UN and NATO. Two West Point reports confirm that LIFG was formally joined with al-Qaeda, many of its top leaders constituting the core leadership group and upper political echelons. These reports also confirm that LIFG fighters were operational in both Afghanistan and Iraq, killing US and British troops and that the vast majority of their fighters were recruited from the Libyan cities of Benghazi and Darnah. In 2011, it would be these two cities that served as the epicenter of NATO backed resistance against Qaddafi.

More recently French independent reporter Thierry Meyssan of revealed that LIFG commander Abdul Hakim Belhaj has left the NATO bombed city of Tripoli and is now directing the "Free Syrian Army" from the Turkish border region (Turkey has been a NATO member since 1952).

In the wake of growing international anger toward Wall Street, London (City) and NATO, and the Russian and Chinese veto of the UN Security Council resolution designed to facilitate another foreign military intervention in Syria, the corporate media is now reporting that al-Qaeda has called on its supporters to "join the uprising against Assad's "pernicious, cancerous regime." We are expected to believe that 'depraved' al-Qaeda, beheading civilians and toppling World Trade Towers had pinned their hopes on the UNSC to resolve the Syrian conflict through the mechanisms of the "international rule of law" and are only just now mobilizing their forces to act after the "disappointing" Russian and Chinese veto. This narrative is as bizarre as it is contradictory.

We are expected to believe, as large swaths of the global population begin refuting the notion of human rights 'interventions,' 26,000 bombing sorties over Libya, that the extremist ranks of al-Qaeda, with whom the West was supposedly locked in mortal combat with since 9/11, are now allies! Considering that the CIA created al-Qaeda in the first instance, it seems as if the terrorist organization has and continues to pursue US foreign policy objectives though in a covert and criminal manner when the US military and its NATO allies cannot.

With the official endorsement by al-Qaeda of Syria's violent, foreign funded uprising, the West can now begin blaming NATO-backed terrorism on "al-Qaeda" while simultaneously highlighting the urgency and necessity with which NATO must intervene, lest al-Qaeda terrorists take over the world.

The Associated Press made a point of mentioning that the "head of al-Qaeda" claimed that Muslims across the Arab World "cannot depend on the West for help," a comment that so suspiciously compliments the howling protest of U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, that it seems oafishly scripted.

From Afghanistan in the 1980's, to Libya in 2011, and now Syria in 2012, the one steadfast ally the US can always depend on to bring arms and militants to carry out its foreign policy mission when its overstretched military cannot, is al-Qaeda -- now known as America's 'Arab foreign legion!'

This illustrates both the fraud of the West's current "human rights" agenda, as well as the ongoing hoax of the "War on Terror."


Author retains copyright.

Uncle al-Qaeda
Uncle al-Qaeda

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