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US/NATO: it’s OK to Murder Civilians if We do it!
by staff report via gan - AFP Saturday, Feb 11 2012, 12:04am
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'but it's not ok to shoot armed occupying troops'

A propaganda video purportedly released by the Taliban features Afghani nationalist, Mohammed Roozi, discussing his attack on Australian occupiers and treasonous Afghan troops.

The background to the story is of course America’s and NATO’s civilian killing record in Afghanistan, which includes MURDERING children gathering firewood, wedding parties and funeral parties, in fact any gathering is likely to be targeted by the moronic Drone command that are on record as designating civilians killed by Drones as, “BUGSPLAT!” Afghanistan also happens to be the location of America’s longest failed war.

The US president and other allied leaders are DIRECTLY responsible for the MURDER of innocent Afghani children and civilians YET no war crimes charges have ever been laid against western forces for their OBVIOUS crimes – the latest of which is the NOTORIOUS Libyan travesty.

Interesting to note are the comments of US and Australian leaders responding to the Taliban video -- they described the incident as a “cowardly attack,” and “disgusting.”

I suppose killing women, children and farmers by remote control Drones is considered the height of bravery, YOU vile, criminal FILTH!

The LAW is on the side of the occupied nation – clear as can be; but do your media best at casting the victim as the criminal, coz it DON'T WORK NO MORE! (American grammar.)

Care to give us more information with which to compromise you lying bastards?

War crimes charges should be applied to the occupiers and CIA civilian killers, pure and simple.

No foreigners ever ‘win’ in Afghanistan and there is no whitewashing US/NATO war crimes.

We should not forget that if western leaders are able to order the execution of individuals and US citizens anywhere in the world, without trial or charge, then that becomes a universal prerogative for anyone wishing to ‘pick off’ scumbag Wall St rogues and their PUPPET western politicians.

This is not about taking sides, IT IS ABOUT LAW, ORDER and HOLDING ALL CRIMINALS TO ACCOUNT!

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