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Steve Jobs' FBI File
by piper Thursday, Feb 9 2012, 11:28pm
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Journalism, once a noble Profession

The mainstream media must be desperate for stories reporting that recently deceased, Steve Jobs of Apple Computer, smoked pot and dropped acid in his youth -- big fuckin' deal! I don't know of any exceptionally creative people that haven't! Jobs was a product of his generation, a generation known to have hash on toast and LSD on their cornflakes for breakfast, you pedestrian, no-accounts.

Steve Jobs, early years
Steve Jobs, early years

It was also recorded by the FBI that Jobs was apt to impose his version of reality onto others, something 'rare' in human behaviour, no doubt -- imbeciles!

For pete's sake their are war criminals like Obama killing civilians in Drone Attacks almost daily to write about, notwithstanding the BRAZEN financial rogues on Wall St. that control him and Congress! And all you morons can write are prurient stories of a dead businessman having once smoked pot and listening to Bob Dylan -- who owns your mass media organisation, I wonder?

Get on the REAL NEWS stories and report CRIMINAL ACTIVITY in high places, the Pentagon and White House and the scandal of Wall St Bankers avoiding investigations for criminal fraud which resulted in the destruction of the global economy. Isn't RELENTLESSLY pursuing high profile criminals newsworthy these days?

Perhaps you may need to smoke some pot and drop some acid, you dead-heads. Get a fuckin' life, then a REAL story!

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