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Oz Banks Shedding Loyal Staff Again
by lynx Thursday, Feb 9 2012, 7:36am
international / human rights / commentary

Have you ever wondered what anonymous hackers do for a day job?

Australian banks are “restructuring” -- a euphemism for sacking workers no longer required by highly profitable banks – that’s right, the sackings are NOT the result of economic pressures. Banks are slowly displacing once valued and indispensible workers with computer programs. Very little effort was directed at retraining staff, as the banks require a smaller compliment of workers, they wanted these workers off the books PERMANENTLY!

We 'maintain' their systems
We 'maintain' their systems

Banks and other Corporations demand unswerving LOYALTY from their staff but they fail to inform staff that the arrangement is NOT RECIPROCAL. When Banks and Corporations decide to reduce staff, for whatever reason, they heartlessly and unceremoniously dump them, usually offering unacceptable, jargonised excuses, like ‘rationalisation’ and ‘restructuring,’ two Corporate favourites!

Should we now refer to the FACT that everything Banks (and corporations) have achieved to date was/is the result of loyal staff working their butts off -- most-times for inequitable wages and poor conditions; notwithstanding upper management constantly pushing/requiring staff to meet ever increasing productivity levels!

Are we not all in awe of the gratitude displayed by these heartless, myopic, profit-only-driven, self-centred and pathologically selfish Corporations/Banks, which have achieved person status/rights in the USA – dumb fucking yanks? Monolithic Corporations/Banks are the last thing from human; however, they parasitically feed on humans until the latter’s life blood is spent and the shrivelled remains are cast out without a second thought.

As You, the reader, expendable human (fool if applicable) should now appreciate this short article could take numerous directions and develop into many different but highly educational/informative stories -- HINT to my fellow journos – but I must stick to the original plot, to which the subtitle refers; but prior to proceeding I should inform the ignorant that when Banks, Companies and mega-Corporations require specialised skills and abilities they are FORCED to seek EXTERNALLY, outside their organisations, as the highly talented and skilled usually work only on a contract basis.

I should now take the opportunity to EMPHASISE why hackers adhere to the ANONYMITY RULE. You see, hackers don’t just fall from the sky or grow on trees, they spend years honing their coding and mathematical skills – that is WHY they OWN the ‘wire’ (internet). The global, digital, NETWORK is ruled by SKILL and SPEED, not talentless morons with unlimited money and no scruples – I am of course referring to Corporate/Banking DIRECTORS that control our governments today. These greedy pigs/clowns are obliged to contract everything they need; and as the WORLD is now digitally controlled the services of the hacker elite are more in demand then ever before, by their arch-enemy the Banks and Corporations – how perfectly ironical!

Of course hackers have day jobs and ‘day’ identities, they run respectable businesses and other LEGITIMATE fronts which afford them status, respectability and independence in the business community, and Corporate world.

BUT LITTLE DO THE CORPORATES KNOW what is really ‘going down!’ Suffice to say at this stage that compiled programs contain all sorts of ‘niceties’ not readily available to the Corporate and Banker clients that use them. And they imagined they could dump members of our families and the workforce without REPERCUSSIONS, well, think again you bereft, greedy PIGS.

I probably have revealed too much already but that was planned, as is everything else we do. What profile did you imagine hackers assumed in ‘daylight?’ We also utilise our SOCIAL networking skills in many diverse and 'respectable' ways. The next person to fulfil a highly specialised contract for government and industry could be me or a member of one of the many crewz in the hacker community dedicated to your demise.

A final note to the divided slave community at large that works hard, eats shit and is then cast on the refuse heap. Elite hackers do what they do because they possess an innate sense of Justice; they rule over the Corporates because their SKILLS are ‘above all,’ look that up in German. Useless drone, worker COWARDS unable to unite and fight for their rights in the workplace are also indirectly benefited by the hacker elites, but I assure you, it is completely unintentional; we have more contempt for passive, cringing slaves than we do for no-talent, BUT supremely co-operative minority (criminal) ruling elites. Do YOU like their permanent war ideology or their new indefinite detention ‘law,’ you spineless shits?

As for the criminal elites, they are dead men falling, they just haven’t hit the ground yet – it’s over for them!

Are y-o-u now more informed about the forces bringing you DOWN, you bloodsucking parasites? Time is on OUR side and it is running out for YOU; you had better deploy your last major shock strategy, attack Iran and release that plague virus before we have you all HANGED for your crimes against humanity -- you're damned if you do and damned if you don't, perfect!


greetz to all the crewz and salutations to the Uber elite – there is more secreted code in their machines today than ever before – the time and half-time approaches.

We are ONE -- we are MANY -- we are ANONYMOUS and WE are UNSTOPPABLE!



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