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Iran Provoked to the Hilt
by sabre Monday, Feb 6 2012, 11:47am
international / peace/war / other press

'Obama' Freezes all Iranian Assets in US

The same was done to Libya and look at the end result! By way of clarification, it should be noted that there is only one nation that desires war with Iran and that nation is Israel. So how is it Israel is able to exert so much influence over puppet president, Obama?

One need only look at the largest financial supporters of Obama to glean the answer, Goldman (Jewish) Sachs and other Zionist Bankers and financial institutions, all of which exert far too much influence over Washington politicians in general.

It really is becoming tiresome watching gentile politicians pledging undying support for an undemocratic, racist, nation of 6 million Jews. Certainly a case of the flea wagging the dog, but to the serious matter of freezing another nation's funds and/or property.

No nation has the right to seize another nation's property or funds period, and doing so is without doubt a huge provocation amounting to an act of war -- which is the intended purpose -- as Israel has to date been unable to force the US to either launch a strike or support an Israeli strike.

Ordering Obama to freeze Iranian assets is Israel playing their last card; whether US held Iranian assets amount to enough to provoke a physical reaction remains to be seen. A number of peaceful responses are available to Iran and its allies, principally involving dumping the greenback -- which is a worthless fiat currency -- and arranging trade sanctions against the US and Israel. China, Russia and the free world, take note!

Obama's action also places focus on the influence that Wall St Zionists have over the highest office in the land and I'm sure the American people are not amused or impressed by this outrageous and unnecessary provocation.

Hopefully this desperate tactic will backfire and result in more controls and regulation placed on Banks and Wall St in general -- it is abundantly clear that these interests are extremely partial and do not have America's best interests at heart.

The entire global Reserve Banking system, which Zionists control, should be placed under review by all nations throughout the world -- enough is enough! After over a decade of needless conflict, WAR has proven NOT to be a solution to anything, in fact it has created more insecurity, hardship and misery for everyone involved and now Israel is pressuring the USA into another DANGEROUS and senseless, unnecessary WAR, which according to numerous world leaders would amount to a "disaster" no matter from which perspective one views the situation.

Surely it is high time to curtail the influence that Zionist Bankers and Jewish special interest groups have over America and the International Banking system -- the disproportionate influence and power which these MINORITY interests have issues directly from their ill-gotten gains -- IT IS TIME TO SEPARATE THESE CRIMINAL INTERESTS FROM THEIR MONEY via criminal proceedings for fraud and deception -- NATIONALIZE THE BANKS and return America to the AMERICAN people.

Report from the BBC follows:

'Obama' tightens US sanctions on Iran

US President Barack Obama has placed stricter sanctions on Iran's government, including its central bank.

In an executive order, Mr Obama said he was freezing all Iranian government assets held or traded in the US.

On Sunday, Mr Obama said the US and Israel were "in lockstep" in their policy towards Iran.

Concerns have grown in Israel and the West that Iran is developing nuclear weapons, although Tehran says its nuclear programme is entirely peaceful.

The new US sanctions include blocks on the Central Bank of Iran, imposed "in light of the deceptive practices" the bank to conceal transactions already banned by previous sanctions.

The curbs were also prompted by Iran's "deficient" efforts to combat money-laundering, the executive order said.

The US introduced new sanctions on Iran at the end of 2011 as part of a wide-ranging defence bill.

But the latest round of sanctions gives American institutions the powers to freeze assets related to the Central Bank of Iran, instead of just turning them back.

In a statement, the US Treasury department said the order was part of "the administration's resolve to hold the Iranian regime accountable for its failure to meet its international obligations".

Iran "will face ever-increasing economic and diplomatic pressure" until it answers the international community's "well-founded and well-documented concerns" about its nuclear programme, the Treasury said.

Pre-emptive worries

Speaking on Sunday in an interview with NBC, the US president emphasised that Israel and the US were working in "unison" to counter Iran.

Washington had "a very good estimate" of when Iran could complete a nuclear weapon, Mr Obama said.

But knowledge of Tehran's internal decision-making was not as clear, he said.

"Do we know all of the dynamics inside of Iran? Absolutely not. Iran itself is a lot more divided now than it was. Knowing who is making decisions at any given time inside of Iran is tough.''

He stressed the US was attempting to resolve the showdown diplomatically but that the country had done extensive planning on all options.

Asked if he believed the Jewish state could launch a pre-emptive strike against Iran, Mr Obama said: "I don't think Israel has made a decision on what they need to do."

He declined to answer directly a question whether Washington would be consulted first, saying only that the US and Israel "have closer military and intelligence consultation... than we've ever had".

However, correspondents say that behind the scenes Washington is deeply alarmed by reports that Israel may strike Iran as early as April.

Reports in the US media last week suggested Israel was planning to attack Iran in the spring of 2012, prompting an ambiguous response from US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta.

2012 The BBC

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