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Hacker Vanguard Instills FEAR into Corporate Elites
by Muriel Kane via stele - RawStory Sunday, Feb 5 2012, 12:33pm
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The growing Anonymous army of hackers and digital activists has EFFECTIVELY (look up that word Occupy) put 'the fear of God' into major US corporations and organisations. Compromised targets to date include numerous government depts, law enforcement, computer security firms and a host of financial and commercial organisations. The method is simplicity itself, full disclosure/EXPOSURE of all compromising information hidden from the public; everything from criminal collusion, to astounding incompetence. And things PROMISE to get much worse for corrupt criminal elites that have MUCH TO HIDE.

'We are no-one, we are EVERYONE!'
'We are no-one, we are EVERYONE!'

The ONLY force that puts terror into the black, mass murdering hearts of criminal elites that have hijacked government and our legal institutions is the rapidly expanding and highly effective hacker groups -- it seems arrogant ruling elites forgot certain inescapable social dynamics and the innate human need for JUSTICE and fair play.

Report from RawStory follows:

The hactivist collective Anonymous has hacked into the website of a lawfirm that defended a U.S. Marine who admitted having led the massacre of 24 Iraqi civilians in Haditha in 2005.

However, unlike the group’s other achievement of the day — the interception of a conference call between the FBI and Scotland Yard — this one may have unwittingly snared innocent victims, whose private information was released as part of a massive leak of the firm’s emails.

The lawfirm Puckett and Faraj represented Sgt. Frank Wuterich in his trial before a military tribunal, which concluded ten days ago with a plea bargain in which manslaughter charges were dropped in exchange for one plea of negligent dereliction of duty. Wuterich was sentenced to a demotion, loss of pay, and a 90-day jail sentence, but he was not actually required to serve any jail time.

As described by Russia Today, “On November 19, 2005, Wuterich led a squad of US Marines into two separate homes in Haditha, Iraq outside of Baghdad. The men opened fire on civilians, killing two dozen men, women and children, including an elderly man confined to a wheelchair. He would later admit to instructing his peers to ‘shoot first and ask questions later’ and insisted that, despite no weapons ever being recovered from the Iraqi homes, that the American fighters were under assault.”

The outcome of Wuterich’s case appears to have enraged Anonymous, particularly because of the way it contrasts with the treatment of Bradley Manning. “Can you believe this scumbag had his charges reduced to involuntary manslaughter and got away with only a pay cut?” they wrote on the hacked website. “Meanwhile Bradley Manning who was brave enough to risk his life and freedom to expose the truth about government corruption is threatened with life imprisonment.”

Anonymous may have overstepped, however, when it leaked nearly three gigabytes of Puckett and Faraj emails, crowing, “How do you think the world will react when they find out Neal Puckett and his marine buddies have been making crude jokes about the incident where marines have been caught on video pissing on dead bodies in Afghanistan? Or that he regularly corresponds with and receives funding from former marine Don Greenlaw who runs the racist blog”

John Cook at Gawker has begun combing through those emails and has already discovered that in addition to material on the Wuterich case, “the hack had a lot of collateral victims, including people that Anonymous might normally be aligned with. Like a lawyer for Guantanamo detainees.”

The lawyer in question is a former partner at the firm, Eric Montalvo, who served as the attorney for teenaged detainee Mohamed Jawad and managed to get him a habeas corpus hearing after he had spent nine years at Guantanamo without a trial. The Anonymous leak includes nine months of Montalvo’s cell phone records.

Even more shockingly, in 2007 the lawfirm represented a Marine accused of rape, and leaked emails concerning that case include statements from victims whose names had not previously been made public. One victim testified to recalling “a man in boxer-like shorts straddling me,” while another told of how she awoke from a drunken stupor to realize "her tampon was pushed deep inside her."

“There’s a wealth of data in the release that absolutely should become public,” Cook concludes, “and I will eagerly pore over it. But there are unintended consequences to the approach.”

Copyright applies.

[greetz and salutations to all the crewz, well done -- we will see them hang for their crimes sooner than anyone anticipated. the 'lid' will be blown and collapse will occur in an instant, then Justice will prevail!

the means by which criminal elites function is their corruption money and the sooner they are separated from it the sooner they fall -- throw maximum support behind real independents and representative politicians that promise to nationalize the banks and regulate the financial system. political puppets (Obama and the rest) are unable to implement these policies for obvious reasons.]


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apply to them what they apply to us
by matt Monday, Feb 6 2012, 12:05am

one wonders about the integrity of 'gifted, high IQ,' glamour boys like Assange -- banker and financial elites deprived him of funds YET he was unable to REVERSE that principle and campaign/promote separating criminal elites from their filthy blood money.

some consideration should be given to the various methods of separation and where the focus should be -- for instance, should we separate the bankers (physically via legal or by other means) from their money or the money from the banker via regulatory legislation -- or both?

we need not employ the same methods they employ, assassination, Gaddafi, Hussein and many others before them; the simplest most effective form of separation is of course death, declaring open season on the elites for instance! However, we shouldn't resort to their tactics, far better to use STRATEGIC, (specialised) skilled and political means to OVERWHELM the criminal bastards -- the masses are none too pleased with their lot lately, notwithstanding they lack vibrant leadership or other guiding forces.

Nevertheless, THEY ARE READY TO REVOLT and move on the criminals, plain to see. Law order, morality and fair play BEG to be restored; these are probably the most effective means/weapons against the CRIMINAL elites. However, all and EVERY means available (hacking etc) should be utilised.

We are ONE.

[O, and Assange, u are a dunce for not reversing or at least understanding the social dynamics available to all persecuted social reformers, especially 'gifted, high IQ, hackers' such as urself - rofl! sorry mate, but if the shoe fits ... you set an appalling example by breaking the ANONYMITY rule, u understand?]

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