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WAR is the Problem!
by nano Saturday, Feb 4 2012, 2:32am
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

Are we so easily duped and beguiled AGAIN that we believe this or that NATION now poses a threat to the United States? The problem was not Iraq -- as the WORLD is NOW well AWARE -- it was/is the LYING, criminal, NEO-CONS implementing their PERMANENT WAR, PNAC agenda; both Rumsfeld and Cheney are on record pushing endless or 'long wars!'

What have we seen since the bombing of the Balkans; nothing but the PNAC agenda being implemented, regardless of which political party takes office.

All we seem to have learned is to have no memory, no will or volition, no attention span and no moral conscience!

The PROBLEM is W-A-R, military aggression facilitated by LYING minorities/politicians in the pay of Zionists, Bankers and Corporatists -- now tell me, YOU didn't know that!

So what have we learned from ALL the NEEDLESS bloodshed, wars, government deception and massive Wall Street FRAUD; nothing it seems? Iran is simply Iraq redux or can't you see it?

The difference, however, is the strong possibility of ESCALATION, the LUNATIC Zionists actually believe that attacking Iran is the way to peace and security in the region, WHAT! Or should I say what are they putting in the Israeli water supply?

The unfortunate reality today seems to indicate we've learned not to prosecute Wall St. fraudsters or criminals in government/high office for their heinous LIES and crimes against humanity; are we slow on the uptake or just plain cowards? We also seem to have forgotten our inalienable rights by passively accepting the draconian and clearly un-Constitutional 'indefinite detention law' passed by puppet Obama.

Should we really allow ourselves to be deceived into accepting another Zionist instigated war with a power that is likely to do us serious harm should we attack it -- Persians are NOT gutless, duplicitous Arabs? The world was deceived once at great cost to PEACE and stability, LET IT NOT HAPPEN AGAIN! We have had enough civilian slaughter over the past decade to last centuries.

Surely it is high time to rid ourselves of the avaricious forces that plunge us into needless conflict/WAR and massive social destabilization. If a war must be waged then let it be a WAR on the forces that perpetuate the PERMANENT WAR doctrine!

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