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CORRUPTION, not bad Judgement or Myopism
by judd Friday, Feb 3 2012, 10:45am
international / injustice/law / commentary

Those who require evidence of criminal CORRUPTION on an INTERNATIONAL scale need only look at the ICC that allows a certain nation to kill civilians in Drone attacks almost daily. Or consider the concerted push to popularize puppet Obama and the absurd granting of the Nobel Peace Prize to a man that threatens people with Drone strikes in open press conferences and then emphasizes with the threat, "you think I'm joking?"

Nobel Peace Prize
Nobel Peace Prize

Do we forget so easily the flagrant LIES and deceptions linking Saddam Hussein to the attacks of 9/11? The result of inaction results in more crime, NATO's obvious and outrageous war crimes in Libya are a good recent example, all overseen and approved by Ban Ki 'corrupt as they come' Moon, of the very partial UN.

Neither '45 minute' Blair, 'aluminium tubing' Howard, Halliburton Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld or Condi 'child killer' Rice (Gaza) have been brought to trial for their (on record, proven) heinous crimes! And morons out there actually imagine there is such a thing as law and order today. Forget it!

What we have today are criminals running the western world from Wall St and Corporate boardrooms. Their bought Washington political puppets pass draconian laws such as indefinite detention without trial or charge to target truth tellers and champions of JUSTICE, who are feared most by minority, criminal, ruling elites!

Consider also that no Wall Street Bankers, guilty of the most gross FRAUDS, which ruined the global economy, have yet to be investigated, let alone placed on trial.

The reason the world has gone to hell in a hand basket is simple -- the masses have allowed it! The same happened in Nazi Germany; the German people were paralyzed by propaganda and the media saturation methods of the Nazis, though many Germans were aware that Nazis were in fact, criminals.

The same horrific tragedy that befell Germany will occur again today; allowing criminals to get away with (mass) murder always ends badly, particularly when entire nations are involved in the crimes.

The Lawless have taken over our legal institutions, internationally and locally; the costs and social consequences of allowing criminals to lord over us, as history bears out, will be horrendous!


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