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Opportunistic Warfare
by quin Tuesday, Jan 31 2012, 9:14pm
international / peace/war / article

The problem with any major conflict these days is the possibility of uncontrollable escalation -- a tidal wave of opposition could be released against universally detested powers, Israel and the USA.


Consider an attack on Iran by Israel/US and a JUSTIFIED retaliatory response by Iran on US stations throughout the world and on US soil. The resulting panic, confusion and mayhem would lead to numerous groups utilizing this cover to launch their attacks on chosen targets, Wall St, Congress, Nuclear sites, etc. American international interests would be under enormous pressure, while Russia and China watch and wait to exploit the situation under other 'flags'.

Numerous cyber armies and other heretofore anonymous guerrilla forces would immediately spring into action and chaos would prevail, as no one could be sure of the identity of attackers. Attacks would be broad-ranged, sudden and very wide of scope! A situation that no single nation could adequately deal with!

Perhaps the world has devolved to this highly likely scenario/outcome; nevertheless, one thing is CLEAR, any attack on Iran would not end in a contained skirmish, it WOULD explode into major attacks on a reviled common enemy from numerous UNRELATED fronts and groups -- even individual attacks are possible!

Today's world is geared for opportunistic attacks and exploitation.

So by all means, Jethro and Meyer, go ahead with what YOU imagine would be a contained, controllable conflict, you mindless morons!

It is richly rewarding watching you people create the circumstances and forces that will bring you down -- we have 'no idea' how it all (d)evolved in that direction -- LOL! We have an expression here in Oz, 'done like a dinner;' HOW does it feel?

Need I reveal that you have been led like the avaricious pigs that you are to your own destruction -- too fuckin' easy! All we had to do was get your attention, the rest was laughingly simple, isn't that right, Dave Kilcullen?

As history records, superior skills, tactics and KNOWLEDGE -- NOT FORCE -- win the day every time, you pathetic, no-account, primitive brutes!

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