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Arsenic and the Tea Lady
by zoran Monday, Jan 30 2012, 9:55pm
international / peace/war / commentary

Imagine a highly plausible scenario; refreshments, tea, coffee, juice served during Corporate board meetings around the globe, almost a daily occurrence. Now cast your mind back to a (superseded) once familiar and loved employee, the tea lady, who diligently brewed up tea and coffee (with ‘bikkies’) for floor staff every afternoon. Unfortunately foul coffee machines and soft drink dispensers have replaced the much loved tea lady these days -- corporations ain’t what they used to be!

Djokovic, Victorious Serb
Djokovic, Victorious Serb

The humble tea lady would not be acceptable in today’s boardrooms, criminal elites employ ‘caterers’ and bunny girls to serve up their throats and vaginas as ‘refreshments;’ however, during meetings liquid refreshments are served and what a breeze it would be to LACE those refreshments and snacks and be rid of an entire batch of criminal bastards – just a thought, a flight of fancy.

And people continue to ask, ‘what can we the little people do?’ Well, EVERYTHING! [Think laterally!]

The passing of the NDAA indefinite detention provision into law by Obama is in effect a declaration of war against the entire population of the earth – yes, ruling elites are quite mad!

Well, if it’s war they want then ‘war’ they will get, but not the type they anticipated or hoped for; a good analogy would be the gruelling battle of ATTRITION the world recently witnessed between two sports WARRIORS, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, during the Australian Tennis Open – what a painfully torturous, heroic, gladiatorial, EPIC battle!

Indeed, ‘arsenic, lace, loose screws and bolts in the machine,’ all delivered surreptitiously and with compliments by the ANONYMOUS GLOBAL army that criminal elites are inadvertently creating.

EVERYONE is capable in this global war against the mass murdering (quivering in fear) tiny minorities that have hijacked our governments and nations. Hanging trees will soon be ‘in fruit’ across the globe.

[‘Indefinite detention on suspicion;’ are minority elites truly so scared/terrified of the AWAKENING masses?]


Novak Djokovic, euphoric victory
Novak Djokovic, euphoric victory

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