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'Trawled' Data Revealed the Identities of Gillard Protest Informants
by lynx Friday, Jan 27 2012, 8:37pm
international / mass media / opinion/analysis

Surveillance Society is a Reality

Unencrypted voice data illegally trawled from mobile networks by 'big brother' has revealed the identities of two individuals allegedly responsible for informing aboriginal protesters of the location of opposition leader Tony Abbott and treasonous PM, Juliar 'Goldman Tax' Gillard -- both of whom are legal parliamentary representatives of the Queen! This issue actually goes straight to LONDON, the Palace and international criminal courts for the heinous crimes of GENOCIDE and cultural annihilation. But first a note on security and surveillance!

Damned Australians!
Damned Australians!

The unfolding story of the aboriginal protest on Abbott and Gillard, where the only (filmed) act of overt violence was committed by POLICE -- an unprovoked, probably steroid-hyped, uniformed cop was captured punching an aboriginal protester in the face -- has revealed the warrant-less, illegal use of data trawling/mining of mobile networks to determine the identities of those accused of informing protesters of the location of Abbott and Gillard -- as if that act is some sort of crime! So we have an instance of the illegal and unjustified use of surveillance on suspicion, as NO CRIME had been committed -- except by police assaulting aborigines!

In hindsight it is clear the entire incident was an OVER-REACTION by amphetamine/steroid fogged security and police, as they could have easily walked Gillard and Abbot to their vehicles, amidst noisy protesters, notwithstanding. However, recorded evidence clearly indicates the AFP and security created a fracas, much ado about nothing, which dramatised the situation for the media -- one wonders whether we are witnessing typical government incompetence or whether is was a planned event (Hilton Bombing) in order to increase parliamentary security and beef up funds for government regulators. Take an educated guess; government regulators have a track record -- Hilton Bombing -- of failed and deadly stunts and framing innocent groups to gain funds and other benefits!

If nothing else this issue could explode in everyone's, including the Queen's face, so I would suggest that the matter remain what it is, a storm in a teacup; but of course we are dealing with Canberra morons -- the Queen is NOT amused!

A final note to the public -- I hope ample proof of illegal surveillance has been furnished by the above incident. Be warned, if you truly wish to communicate PRIVATELY then use encrypted text messages over the digital network, it's not difficult -- trawling voice conversations and unencrypted emails is child's play!

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