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"All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting" -- George Orwell
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We Rise or Fall Together
by manny Wednesday, Jan 18 2012, 10:50pm
international / social equality/unity / commentary

In no way do I cast any negative criticism on Australia’s long suffering indigenous people as a whole though a recent political distraction by Washington lackey, Oz PM Juliar ‘carbon tax’ Gillard, forces me to address some dubious characters in this article. The matter relates to a government media grab/distraction; Gillard wishes to recognise the original occupants of Australia in the Constitution; HOWEVER, she consciously chooses not to view the matter in its historical, genocidal context – an invasion and the establishment of a penal colony that served the interests of a COMMERCIAL and MERCANTILE British Empire seeking more PROFIT by force of arms. The invasion of Australia and colonial development by the British Crown and the subsequent slaughter (for sport in some instances) of the local indigenous population is historical fact, though much historical fact is glossed over to make it more acceptable or ‘naturally' consequential.

Avalokiteshvara - Buddha of Compassion
Avalokiteshvara - Buddha of Compassion

Anglo educated Aborigines have reacted to the ‘news’ in predictable fashion and lauded the decision by the puppet PM, however, these approving ‘yellow’ (as they are known by tribal aborigines) spokespersons do not represent the indigenous nation as a whole, in fact one wonders at times just who they really represent!

What is required is an objective broader view that encompasses not only the historical reality but today’s 'unfolding history.' The plainly myopic (and possibly self-interested) VIEW the current crop of sycophants displays is conveniently blind and serves to hide the criminal forces that caused the hardships of the past and are currently responsible for ALL the heinous war and other crimes against humanity being committed TODAY, even AS I WRITE!

These Imperial forces are in ESSENCE EXACTLY the same, only banners of convenience have changed; it is the same enduring force that has simply changed its locus of operations to Wall St and Washington, need I refer to the BRUTALISED civilian populations of Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and of course, 'war crime in progress,' LIBYA, Mr. Dodson?

For those not yet with the direction of this piece I refer to the overall context of Empire in the past and PRESENT and would introduce something I learned in Buddhist Asia. Various Buddhist sects have a tradition of Boddhisattvas (enlightenment beings) refusing total emancipation until EVERY soul achieves liberation/enlightenment! These enlightened beings delay the eternal bliss of emancipation and consciously choose to assist their fellow human beings until ALL are LIBERATED – get it? A noble and inspiring allegory, but one with an extremely important social message; WE RISE AND FALL TOGETHER, NO-ONE IS FREE UNLESS EVERYONE IS FREE!

The ‘yellow’ aboriginal spokespersons welcoming Gillard’s political distraction have not made ANY reference whatsoever to the horrendous suffering of various populations around the globe OCCURRING in REAL-TIME, under their very noses!

Who better to understand the homicidal brutality of Empire than those that have suffered it, in this case Australian Aborigines?

Mr. Dodson, until YOU recognise the source of GLOBAL injustice (financial interests) and refer to ALL people EVERYWHERE suffering the cruel and violent exploitation of PROFIT seekers, stand condemned, you reprehensible hypocrite!

We either RISE TOGETHER as ONE or remain self-interested, divided and ENSLAVED – who the fuck are you, Mr. Dodson?

Perhaps you may choose to refer to the GENOCIDE committed world-wide under the authority of the British Royal Family and initiate legal proceedings against them and their representatives -- Oz government – instead of kowtowing to Washington controlled, puppet Gillard. And please, direct attention to the continuing Imperial poison at work TODAY in various regions of OUR WORLD.

We are ONE, Mr. Dodson and it is about time you got on board.

Juliar Gillard, 'it worked for Rudd!'
Juliar Gillard, 'it worked for Rudd!'

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