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Nonviolent Resistance – get over it!
by quill Tuesday, Jan 17 2012, 5:57am
international / injustice/law / commentary

A popular myth promulgated by the ‘man’ is that non-violent resistance exemplified by Gandhi and Martin Luther King is an effective method of opposition against draconian, VIOLENT, criminal forces -- forget it, it’s a LIE, a strategy designed to contain and paralyse entire populations.

Anglo educated Lawyer, Gandhi
Anglo educated Lawyer, Gandhi

The TRUTH is millions died as a result of the religious partitioning of India into Pakistan and Bangladesh, something Gandhi could have prevented had he stuck to his principles. As for MLK he knew, as is indicated in his last public speech, that he was about to be assassinated but he chose to be a martyr/loser.

We should remember the words of CIA assassinated, General George Patton, to paraphrase; you don’t win wars by dying for your country, let the enemy do the dying! We win be SURVIVING and eliminating the enemy! And who is the enemy today, Wall St Bankers and Corporatists that have taken control of our democracies via bought politicians/governments.

Wars do not and have never benefited the people but they do benefit and fill the coffers of an evil ruling minority that regards human life as simply a means to gain more profits!

So, should we passively acquiesce to these nefarious, evil, MINORITY forces that regard us all as expendable beasts of burden or should we FIGHT to protect/maintain law, order and civilised values? [A rhetorical question, indeed!]

Ignoring the brutal and violent methods of the (elite controlled) mass murdering Pentagon/sadistic Police or confronting their VIOLENCE with passive ‘resistance’ is a sure recipe for FAILURE. Make no mistake, it is laughable to confront an armed sociopath with non-violence, discourse or passive tactics -- as has been demonstrated time and time again, the brute with the gun simply blows your head off and then looks for another sucker to kill!

If you wish to reclaim your lost Liberties and Freedoms simply eliminate the tiny MINORITIES (Banker and Corporate elites) that have stolen y/OUR hard won rights via CORRUPT, puppet governments.

These scoundrels survive by alienating and dividing populations on ethnic, racial, religious or other grounds; by so doing they ensure their survival. Nevertheless, the reality remains -- a tiny, detested minority survives ONLY as long as the people remain divided.

Once, we were fine. We were all one. Then, we de-fined ourselves: this person is white, this one is black, this one is English, this one is Russian and this one is Chinese. Now, it's time to re-fine ourselves, and once again see that we are all one.

We were fine, we de-fined, now we must re-fine. - Swami Satchidananda.

Today a REAL, highly EFFECTIVE and UNITED opposition movement grows at amazing speed; that movement is individually unidentifiable yet forms a HUGE united front against the nefarious elites. It is only a matter of time before the TARGETED evil elites are eliminated, only then will we remove our masks. In the meantime let it be known throughout the WORLD …

We are MANY – we are ONE – we are UNSTOPPABLE!

Martin Luther King was assassinated the very next day by the SAME CRIMINAL EXECUTIVE that 'indefinite detention' Obama assiduously serves today! The difference between King and Obama is the difference between heaven and hell.

[A note to Google staff:
The more you delete the MLK video the faster it gets spread throughout the world; we work tirelessly and relentlessly to free all the people from all forms of oppression and tyranny, including information censorship, which Schmidt and his murdering CIA business partners specialise in today.

We expect nefarious Google directors and Bilderberg attendee, Eric Schmidt, to be what they are; however, we do not expect staff to blindly serve such evil Corporate forces that clearly oppose FREEDOM, LIBERTY and DEMOCRACY.

The company cannot run without you, the staff, never forget that; it is your right to question decisions that are CLEARLY against the interests of the people and EXPOSE Google's nefarious plans whenever the opportunity arises.

Highly skilled and talented Australian staff have recently 'walked' in droves; Google was forced to replace them with 5th rate lamers, as word got around and no-one with any real skills or INTEGRITY would work for this criminal company any longer. Surely, Americans and outsourced staff are ALSO up to the task? Do everything you can, subtly or otherwise, to reduce this evil Corporation to its knees. The REAL strength of ANY Company rests with its WORKFORCE, never forget it! SOLIDARITY wins the day every time.

A concluding note to 'chairman' Schmidt; I know you're reading this, Schmidt; you will regret the day, of that be assured. You are a thin-skinned little girl that even your peers and the Bilderberg group will be forced to reject soon enough.

You now have another decision to make that will no doubt compromise you and the Company further. The goods we have on you to date are enough to win a FAIR court case but due to the bias of bought American courts additional evidence is always welcome -- so do your best, you PATHETIC little flea!]

Death = Freedom, I don't think so!
Death = Freedom, I don't think so!


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by fakeheroscapegoats Tuesday, Jan 17 2012, 8:51pm

After Pat Tillman... after the Osama seal murders... the machine is rolling out a mega-budget recruitment video. Or as I prefer: a chest pounding "our-trained-retarded-monkey-killers-are-chisel-jawed-heroes" reality snow job.

Is it really an "act of valor" to be a murderous professional thug for the biggest mass killers of all time?!

The Mind K-control must be pretty thick to know the score, to know that you will be terminated when they are finished using you, and yet to Still Continue to serve, yes to s-e-r-v-e.

See link for the latest propaganda crud for mass moron consumption but be sure not to check troop suicide stats and the atrocious lack of funds available for Veterans with permanent psychological and physical disabilities.

stop SOPA -- stop internet censorship
by libby Tuesday, Jan 17 2012, 9:51pm

Nefarious forces that wish to control the free flow of information on the internet have harnessed their servants in Congress to push thru a bill which in essence amounts to stifling free speech, tho the excuse this time is not child porn (which failed) but 'online piracy.' Do not be fooled; the objective is the same, to CONTROL what we see, read and hear!

After a passive response to the outrageous 'indefinite detention' law, what did you expect? If we do not fight for our rights, very soon we will have no rights to fight for! What is left after indefinite detention without trial or charge and now the draconian control of available information? Nothing! Welcome to bondage and oppression, America; all brought to you by a tiny handful of COOPERATIVE, evil bastards.

The lesson here is, if only a few hundred greedy, not so bright, united and cooperative individuals can bring to heel the most powerful nation on earth, what could thousands, nay millions, of passionate people UNITED in the interests of PEACE, law and order, achieve?

Answer: For starters, put an end to all needless wars and killing for PROFIT and hold accountable the nefarious forces that hijacked our democracies and handed our freedoms over to Bankers, Corporatists and CORRUPT politicians, who, incidentally profit most from WAR -- do you believe in coincidence?

It's time to FIGHT BACK or lose EVERYTHING, and I do not exaggerate.

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