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"The only good executive is a dead executive" -- Anon
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A Basic lesson in Applied and Necessary Violence
by barry Wednesday, Jan 11 2012, 6:46am
international / injustice/law / opinion/analysis

As a civilised, law abiding, educated, informed and aware human being I deplore violence, as do the MAJORITY of people regardless of race, creed or nationality – it is an inherent trait that all sane social species possess. However, we live in a violent world and there are times when violence must be applied in order to survive or correct a horrific and destructive criminal/perverse situation.


The past DECADE has seen some governments lead their reluctant (civilised) nations on criminal military adventures/interventions based on fabricated threats, false scenarios, very thin pretexts and outright LIES. These campaigns are characterised by wanton destruction, resource theft (usually oil) the slaughter of thousands of innocent civilians and the installation of puppet regimes and the construction of permanent, strategic military bases of occupation.

Today we have the advantage of hindsight and most of the world is aware that all the wars waged by the US and its servile allies over the past decade have been based on lies and orchestrated events in order to facilitate resource theft and strategic occupation. I need not go into detail as mountains of documentary evidence in the public domain has covered every minute aspect of this criminal activity beginning with the now thoroughly exposed black flag operation of 9/11 and the anthrax attacks.

The evidence proving the guilt of the coalition of the willing criminals, the neocons, puppets like Obama, Gillard, Cameron Sarkozy etc. is simply overwhelming yet these petty politicians are mere servants to the REAL CRIMINALS operating behind the scenes, the Reserve Banking Establishment and Transnational Corporations or Wall St Bankers and Corporatists.

Faced with the failure of law, which has been thoroughly corrupted as it was in Nazi Germany, the moral majority is faced with direct remedial action, which includes the applied, rational and SELECTIVE use of violence to cure a rapidly deteriorating situation -- as the indefinite detention on suspicion law clearly indicates.

Be very cognisant of the fact that the masses have not benefited from the horrendous criminal wars and resource theft instigated by the Corporations and Bankers; however, Banking execs and Corporate CEOs have!

Consider the latest criminal travesty, Libya. A once debt free nation with the highest standard of living in North Africa BEFORE the UN sanctioned ‘humanitarian bombing.’ Today Libya is a conquered, destroyed nation, bombed back to the Stone Age -- as the US Secretary of State described it -- by 26,000 NATO bombing missions to ‘protect civilians.’ Give the world a break with the tissue thin LIES and excuses!

Libya is a CLEAR case of violent social retrogression and criminal appropriations. No-one with a brain cell to bless themselves with is buying ‘humanitarian bombing’ campaigns any longer – the OVERT criminality of the Libyan intervention is plain to see, as are the identities of ALL the perpetrators.

We need not ask ourselves whether oil/resource theft justifies killing millions of innocents – it does not; but faced with failed legal institutions, we must ask whether WE are required to bring to justice the KNOWN criminals engaged in these now widely known heinous CRIMES. The answer is clearly in the affirmative; beginning with Bush, Blair, Howard and senior members of their regimes it is time they were made to pay for their heinous crimes against humanity -- summary executions are warranted and appropriate in view of the prevailing corrupt circumstances.

SELECTIVELY targeting known heinous, MASS MURDERING criminals for summary execution is obligatory if we are to RESTORE society to its former civilised, peaceful existence. We have surprise and stealth on our side and their arrogance makes them easy targets.

This is the first lesson in rational and necessary applied violence and there is no escaping into pacifist illusions/DREAMS if we wish to RESTORE our societies to their former civilised stature – of course we are always open to suggestion, but in the meantime do not forget, “the only good executive is a DEAD executive!”

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