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Back to the Stone Age with the USA
by nano Monday, Jan 9 2012, 10:02pm
international / injustice/law / opinion/analysis

Consider the dramatic global shift, a decade past, to a PERMANENT WAR strategy promoted by American neocons and pursued by Obama BUT designed and developed by the Banking and Corporate elites that control Washington.

A nation that suddenly finds itself, after the sudden collapse of the Soviet Union, an unchallenged sole superpower had (continues to have) numerous opportunities available to it to set a NEW course and IMPROVE the quality of life for the entire planet. But what did America, Washington Zionists, neocons, Wall St., and the Corporate elite do with that opportunity? RETROGRESSIVELY plunge the world back to the brutality of the Stone Age – and I’m not sure proto-humans were as brutal as the new American civilian killing ideology.

Faced with numerous positive moral and ethical options, what did America do with this incredibly RARE opportunity – plunge the world into permanent war in order to feed its voracious Corporations and the Bankers that sustain them? History has recorded it thus, without bias or any added colour -- the grotesque, stark reality is horrific enough as it is!

America took the lowest road imaginable and embarked on a brute force Neanderthal methodology and began to bludgeon resource rich weaker nations and 'eliminate' leaders that opposed its insatiable desire for resource 'appropriation' (theft). This clearly criminal pursuit involved flouting long established laws governing the sovereignty of nations -- Kosovo, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya -- and brazen human rights violations, the mass murder of INNOCENT civilians, estimated by REPUTABLE Lancet and Johns Hopkins studies to exceed 750,000 souls (in Iraq alone) and this notwithstanding the ‘legalisation’ of TORTURE and indefinite detention without trial or charge on SUSPICION; a ‘fine’ legacy indeed!

Any criminal psychopath could have done the same, but society wisely chooses to incarcerate, in asylums, people that are clearly criminally insane – with one MAJOR exception, the psychopaths that presently run the USA!

Now consider the wanton DESTRUCTION (“bomb everything”) America and its few spineless allies have wrought around the world and then consider to what end or WHO BENEFITS? It is ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that the foreclosed, jobless, medically denied, American population have NOT benefited; the average American hasn’t done it so hard for decades! So WHO are the BENEFICIARIES of all this horrific child killing, destruction and mass murder? Well, all one need do is follow the filthy lucre/money and witness Wall St. execs and Corporate CEOs showering themselves in billions of ill-gotten gains – AT THE EXPENCE OF THE ENTIRE WORLD.


It is PLAIN TO SEE, the political leaders of ALL NATIONS are heinous criminals and psychopaths -- and in case you have forgotten, THEY REMAIN AT OUR MERCY!

If it’s not time to act NOW, then WHEN? JUSTICE MUST BE SERVED and law, order, morality and sanity RESTORED to the WORLD.

We are ONE or we are NOTHING!

[Disseminate widely.]

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